FKG UNAIR increases public enthusiasm for oral health exam through ‘Bakti Bawean’

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UNAIR NEWS – Director of Ksatria Airlangga Floating Hospital (RSTKA), Dr. Agus Harianto SpB, stated that Ksatria Airlangga Floating Hospital is an effort to provide health services to people in remote islands. Until now, Bawean Island still has limited healthcare service facilities, especially for dental and oral healthcare.

This condition is caused by the lack of dental specialist and dentists working regularly at Bawean General Hospital (RSUD). The Bawean people who need special dental and oral health services need to be referred to the hospital in Gresik City, which is about 140 km and can only be accessed by sea or air, so it requires additional cost and travel time.

Based on data in Dental clinic of RSUD Umar Mas’ud Bawean in 2020, an average of 10 patient visits was obtained per month, with the highest number of visits was 23 visits in August 2020. The data shows that the awareness of the residents of Bawean Island to get dental and oral health services still very lacking.

Between January and October 2020, there were cases requiring treatment in the field of specialist dentistry, 6 cases of crooked and implanted teeth, 18 cases of dental nerve infection, 2 cases of problematic primary teeth, and 2 cases of lumps or tooth polyps. These cases require dental specialist treatment in order to get optimal therapy.

The Social Service activities held by the Ksatria Airlangga Floating Hospital during 19-30 November 2020 received a good response from the community on Bawean Island which was marked by an increase in patient visits to the dental clinic, 22 patient visits during the period of dental and oral health services on the 27th. -28 November 2020.

People who visit receive care, medication, and oral health education free of charge. Sicteen patients received therapy in the form of treatments and medication, and 6 patients only needed a consult with a dentist.

Based on patient visit data during the RSTKA social service at Bawean Regional Hospital, it can be concluded that there are 72 percent of patients who need curative action. The high percentage of curative actions showed that the level of awareness of people in Bawean Island about the importance of maintaining oral health is still low, so a more massive promotion and education program is needed to achieve equal provision of healthcare service and improve the quality of health in Indonesia. (*)

Author: Reza Al Fessi

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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