Entrepreneurship to build relations and benefit customers

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UNAIR NEWS – “Live a healthy and happy life, make it the most essential goal. If being successful determined by health and happiness, everything will follow, “said Nur Cholis, an alumni of Faculty of Public Health (FKM) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) in 2002.

Cholis is the owner of Mushroom Factory, a business engaged in food and beverage and founded in 2008. Cholis started his business in 2006 with one of his friends and were operational in 2008.

The initial reason for Cholis starting a business was to get social values that could help many people. Cholis also wanted to earn more income from entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneurship provides many benefits, such as expanding network, trying lots of new things, and learning from other entrepreneurs. I have also discussed with Shinta from Sintesa Group and also Noni Purnomo, Director of Blue Bird, “he added.

Cholis’ initial capital at the time was from selling his motorbike for 12 million. However, he needed more for his business. He wanted his first business to look well-established.

Because of limited capital, Cholis collaborate with his friends to raise around 20 million in capital. Then he started selling in a small scale until he wanted to open a branch in Tunjungan Plaza.

“The way I overcome obstacles was by looking for friends who can help as many as possible. We know that really good friends are seen when we are in trouble, “Cholis said.

“By expanding the network, we can learn a lot and meet people who unexpectedly can help us someday,” he added.

The purpose of Mushroom Factory is to live successfully, truly living in comfort and happiness. Mushroom Factory is now a distributor for the food service and horeca industries. Mushroom Factory is also a counselor for several Small and Medium Enterprises (UKMs).

Furthermore, Cholis is currently developing mushroom cultivation. Cholis is sure that in the future people will live with a healthy lifestyle and healthy food. So mushroom cultivation has promising potential .

Cholis encouraged others to do whatever they like and also do everything with joy without feeling the pressure from anyone. (*)

Author: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti Editor : Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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