Vocational studies alumna starts make up business Kemayu Academy

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UNAIR NEWS – Starting from her hobby of putting on make-up since at an early age, Tasha Nadzira Chairani has successfully started her own academy in the make-up business. Since childhood, the woman known as Icha admitted that she often participated in fashion show competitions, but never won. Icha often wins best make up, finalist, and best catwalk awards.

Icha’s business started in 2013 during Icha’s college at the Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Faculty of Vocational Studies (FV). Initially she started the business with her colleagues. Icha admitted that she was inspired by a fashion show event in one of the malls in Surabaya.

It encouraged Icha’s seriousness to establish a business named Kemayu Academy. The business is engaged in make-up, hijab, and modeling. Her business is in development towards the professional make-up.

“There will be kemayu kits, including presenting, acting, and public speaking. We actually have provided models, MCs, and presenters for formal or informal events, “said Icha.

Icha’s reason for starting Kemayu Academy was as proof that the hijab user can participate in the fashion show. It certainly also provides new employment opportunities for talented hijabers to become models.

She also wants women to continue working despite being a housewife. Kemayu Academy was established with the intention to help those interested in make-up, but with limited resources.

“The initial capital of Kemayu Academy was from contributions of my friends. Initially we bought small glasses, then other items periodically until now, ” she explained.

According to Icha, her business really trains her to be patient in dealing with customers and have more initiatives. Furthermore, she must be skilled in managing time and finance.

In the future, Icha wants Kemayu Academy to become like Arman Armano, a Jakarta make-up artist who is known for its quality. Therefore, Icha often uses endorsement services because it greatly increases the number of customers.

For Icha, self-confidence and lifetime learning are keys in being a good entrepreneur. She often participates in seminars and sharing sessions with other entrepreneurs. She also encourages other entrepreneurs to always be enthusiastic in making innovations. (*)

Author: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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