UNAIR Master of Management Lecturer Emphasizes the existence of an Online Community for Companies

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Illustration by Feri Fenoria

UNAIR NEWS – In the midst of dynamic business competition, building strong bonds and being trusted by customers is important for the company. Establishing relationships and interactions with customers will have the effect of forming a long-term relationship between the company and the customer.

Lecturer in Management Science Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga, Dr. Dien Mardhiyah SE., M.Si. do research about the online community in marketing a product. Assisted by his student Ali Imadudin, Dien said that internet and social media development in Indonesia is not only occurring indirect activities but cyberspace.

“As with interactions in general who already use social media, interaction within the brand community has also begun to use social media in interacting,” he said.

Dien also added that in his research, he gave new findings of social networking activities in online-based brand communities that create brand trust. It is different from previous research developed by Laroche in 2012, which stated that social networking activities did not affect brand trust.

Fast social networking activities supported by Indonesian culture tend to be collective, encouraging someone to form a group. It also promotes the creation of communities in Indonesia that interact both offline and online.

The role of brand trust is also a mediator that helps link social networking relationships and brand loyalty. These two factors provide a huge part of trust in building brand loyalty for online-based brand communities.

“Companies often forget to build emotional bound and they are more inclined towards the interests of sellers,” he said.

Dien admitted that the existence of online-based communities in the internet era had become a necessity that must be responded by companies. Brand community as the company’s business strategy in facing modern competition must be well designed.

He said companies that are developing online-based brand communities need to pay attention to social networking activities in strengthening relationships between community members. Community members are assets of the brand and company community for future business sustainability. The company does not only think about sales or profit interests but also build emotional relationships or bonds with customers, especially members of the community.  

Author: Aditya Novrian

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia


Ali Imaduddin Futuwwah, Dien Mardhiyah, Pengaruh Praktik Social Networking, Kepercayaan Merek Dan Loyalitas Merek Pada Komunitas Merek Online, Jurnal Riset Manajemen dan Bisnis (JRMB) Fakultas Ekonomi UNIAT Vol.4, No.3,Oktober 2019: 349-364 P-ISSN 2527–7502 E-ISSN 2581-2165, hlm. 350.

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