Students make skin care product from natural spices

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Haira Nusantara TEAM during the KMI Expo Event in Batam. (Photo: By courtesy )
Haira Nusantara TEAM during the KMI Expo Event in Batam. (Photo: By courtesy )

UNAIR NEWS – From the desire to take part in Indonesian Student Business Competition (KBMI) event, five students of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) succeeded in creating beauty products made of natural spices. They are Salsyabila Putri Pratama, Latifah Ayu Prameswari, Putri Rizky Maysaroh, Charisma Agustin, and Annisa ‘Hanif.

Their product, Haira Nusantara, has been distributed in four provinces with a tagline “Beauty of the Archipelago”. Haira, the new entrepreneurial enterprise, has won first place in 2019 KBMI event in Batam.

Interviewed in campus, Salsyabila recalled the beginning of Haira team making kefir mask product in collaboration with cattle ranchers in Laharpang Hamlet, Puncu Village, Kediri Regency. The team then decided to develop a product of coffee scrubs taken from kelud coffee in Laharpang.

“The superiority of Haira is that we use natural ingredients without preservatives or other chemicals. In addition, we also provide education to customers to understand better the history of the products we sell and they can make it themselves at home, ” she said.

Haira has a mission to find authentic beauty products from the archipelago and market them internationally because most organic beauty products are from Australia, when Indonesia has a lot of quality concoctions and genuine beauty products across the archipelago.

Such as lotong powder’s concoction they got and marketed, it is one of the efforts of the Haira team to revive local wisdom. In addition, by promoting beauty products made from domestic concoctions, consumers are expected to love local products.

“We as Indonesian citizens must be proud of the diversity of cultures and native products of archipelago with a million benefits. Nusantara concoction products are proven to be safer than imported products that are predominantly using hazardous chemicals, ” she said.

Scrub Powder concocted by Haira Team. (Photo: By courtesy)

International beauty products are popular and they promise maximum results, such as skin whitening instantly. It is certainly very dangerous, because it is usually in the form of drugs or injections and has the potential to cause adverse effects long-term allergies until death.

Then the presence of products made from natural spices from Haira Nusantara can be the right solution. Interestingly, the Haira team’s processed products can be used by men or women.

“We always educate buyers regarding the use and benefits provided by Haira products, this is done as a form of gratitude. Haira products have been marketed in Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Jakarta and Bandung, in the future we will target market outside Java and abroad, ” she explained.

“If you want to have clean skin that always looks good, use natural products, and don’t look for an instant method. Because all of those things need a process including being beautiful or handsome, ” she concluded. (*)

Author: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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