Indonesia facing red zone in depression, media role needs to prevent suicide

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Talkshow Everyone Can be a Hero, Everyone Can Save Lives, Prevent Suicide Now at Grand City, Surabaya. (Photo: Fida Aifiya)

UNAIR NEWS – On Sunday, December 8, SMF Psychiatric Hospital Dr. Soetomo supported by PPDS Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine (FK) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held Everyone Can Be A Hero, Everyone Can Save Lives, Prevent Suicide Now at East Rotunda Grand City Atrium in Surabaya

The event was free to the public because the aim is making people aware of mental health issues and suicide prevention. Furthermore, there was yoga session Harmony and Balance Our Body and Soul with instructor Yulendra Adhiarta. Not only yoga, but there was a booth provided with a psychiatrist.

In the event, dr. Nalini Muhdi, Sp.KJ (K) as the speaker and Indonesia’s representative for the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) stated suicide prevention awareness is low.

“According to WHO, there will be an explosion of depression in 2020, “said Dr. Nalini

This phenomenon is related to globalization issues, including economic, social, and cultural. Therefore, suicide prevention should not only be carried out by professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists, but everyone should start the prevention act.

Furthermore, the community and the media plays a significant role in preventing suicide. They need to know how to report suicide information.

Copycat suicide is an artificial suicide committed by someone in the same manner after he or she saw a suicide. WHO regulates guidelines for reporting suicide. Unfortunately, media awareness in Indonesia regarding the guidelines for reporting is still minimal.

“We will hold a workshop on suicide reporting for our media partners,” said Dr. Nalini

Learning from several countries that have given media guidelines on reporting suicide, this method has proven effective in reducing the number of suicides.

In Hong Kong, for example, suicide by jumping from a high building is famous, and this issue arises because of the wrong way of reporting by media. After implementing a 10-year suicide prevention program in collaboration with the media, the number of suicides has decreased significantly. (*)

Author: Fida Aifiya

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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