Collaborating with Japanese universities, UNAIR improves international recognition

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UNAIR Vice Rector III Prof. Amin presents about UNAIR and Indonesia. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Determination to be a prestigious university in the world continue to be shown by all members of Universitas Airlangga’s academic community. One of the efforts is through collaboration with various world class universities in the world.

This time, to improve the collaboration, UNAIR Vice Rector III Prof., Ir. Moch Amin Alamsjah M.Si., Ph.D., with Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine, Prof. Dr. Mirni Lamid MP., Vet, visited Tokyo University and Nagasaki University. To UNAIR NEWS Prof. Amin said that the activity was aimed at gaining more international recognition through cooperation agreements in various fields.

“In the academic field, we collaborate through staff mobility and student exchange programs, as well as identifying opportunities to establish a double degree program,” he said.

Furthermore, Prof. Amin also elaborated that there will be research collaboration and joint publications as well as agreement to support each other in QS assessment survey in order to achieve a common goal to improve position among World Class Universities.

“We also conduct special programs through some scientific presentations at University of Tokyo and provide information related to quality HR development programs,” he said.

Prof. Amin also conveyed various obstacles encountered in HR development and gave information on UNAIR’s recent achievements.

“We also describe the recruitment of PhD graduates with overseas affiliations to improve UNAIR’s achievements among World Class Universities,” he said.

In the end, he also explained the challenges faced by Indonesia in facing the demographic bonus and the achievement of Indonesia’s welfare in 2030-2045. Prof. Amin did not forget to convey them to identify the vision, mission, goals and programs that should be carried out by the Indonesian people.

“Those are the things we discussed on that occasion,” he concluded.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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