UNAIR students present idea of seaweed straws in Thailand

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FROM THE RIGHT: Fakhrul Ardiansyah, Mochammad Syafrie Alamsyah, Kyky Awinda, and Febby Aulia, UNAIR students developing SERUPUT or Seaweed Straws. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The Asian Academic Society International Conference (AASIC) was held from Tuesday, November 12, to Thursday, November 14 in Thailand. Four UNAIR students, Mochammad Syafrie Alamsyah (Syafrie) from Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Class 2016, Fakhrul Ardiansyah from Faculty of Humanities Class 2016, Febby Aulia from Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Class 2018, and Kyky Awinda from Faculty of Economics and Business Class 2017 presented their ideas called SERUPUT or Seaweed Straws.

Syafrie explained, the idea of SERUPUT was inspired by the high level of plastic straw use which contributes to the increasing plastic waste in Indonesia. So, the seaweed based straw is expected to reduce the plastic waste pollution.

“The presence of SERUPUT, straw made of seaweed can reduce the level of plastic waste pollution because these straws are organic so they can dissolve easily,” said Syafrie.

Not only presenting his ideas in written form, Syafrie and the team also tried to make a prototype of the product, SERUPUT. However, the result was not satisfactory because there were some constraints from supporting materials and straw molding.

By attending the international conference, Syafrie and the team can exchange ideas with participants from universities and other countries about their scientific work. It makes them even more motivated to improve their product and try to create scientific work that can benefit the nation and the country.

“There are still many better scientific works from colleagues out there. Moreover, during the event there were many extraordinary speakers and participants who really motivated us to continue working, “he continued.

Syafrie continued, as the next generation, students should be able to contribute and take a role towards the progress of the country. Scientific work can be a way for students to play a role in advancing the nation and state. Moreover, the scientific work can later be used for the benefit of the community. (*)

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

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