Three products of UNAIR Banyuwangi students funded by PPKK

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UNAIR NEWS – Other than joining organizations and being productive in academic and non-academic fields, there are other useful activities students can do to spend their free time. Entrepreneurship is the answer. Students are often interested in learning how to start a business and hone their entrepreneurial spirit in college.

For this reason, Center for Career and Entrepreneurship Development (PPKK) Universitas Airlangga always tries to provide supports and facility to students interested in the entrepreneurial world. This program is called the Entrepreneurial Student Program (PMW). PMW is one of the main PPKK programs that started in 2009.

In collaboration with the Department of Creative Economy of Student Family (KM), PMW has reached Off Main Campus Program (PSDKU) Universitas Airlangga in Banyuwangi. All PSDKU UNAIR students in Banyuwangi can take part in this program since 2015.

PMW has three main targets, the first is the creation of entrepreneurship among students, the realization of an entrepreneurial education model for students in line with their conditions and characteristics, and the growth and development of student entrepreneurship management institution. To achieve the targets, PMW is divided into two categories, groups and individuals.

Illustration by Bastian Ragas

Since April, PMW has selected various student business proposals, both from UNAIR Surabaya and PSDKU in Banyuwangi. After the online selection, PMW participants are directed to start their business. Periodically, PPKK will conduct monitoring, which businesses are running and require capital support from PPKK.

Until now, after a long selection and monitoring process, PMW has just published an announcement on participants who are succeeded in getting funding as their business capital. There are 50 student-funded products, 34 from group category, and 16 from individual category.

From these products, there are three products from PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi students. Two of them are group products, Mini Aquastom (Aquascape Custom) led by Ahmad Afton Wallady and Chosing (Chocolate Osing) with Fathan Taufiq as team leader, while from the individual category, Dewi Masluqiyah was qualified and funded for her product, Kotakkadoku_gresik.

Diansanto Prayoga, S.Km., M.Kes. as an entrepreneurial mentor of PPKK at PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi advised the students to use the capital support as best as possible to develop their business.

“The business capital you receive is the trigger for a larger, systematic business. Remember, the biggest capital in business is the spirit in raising your business turnover,” he concluded.

Author: Tsania Ysnaini Mawardi Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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