Reducing Stunting in East Java, UNAIR Launches AMBC App

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UNAIR NEWS – East Java is one of the regions with high stunting rates. As a form of contribution in reducing stunting, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has launched an innovation in form of AMBC (Airlangga Mom and Baby Care) app.

The app developed by UNAIR Community Service and Development Institute (LPPM) answered two major challenges in East Java, reducing the number of stunting cases as well as the potential death of pregnant women and infants.

“This app has two purposes, to reduce the potential for maternal and infant mortality  as well as the potential of stunting in East Java. Because East Java has the highest stunting rate, we try to find a solution through innovation, the AMBC app, “explained Sani Iman Pribadi, AMBC app programmer to UNAIR News at Airlangga Convention Center building, Saturday, November 2, 2019.

Sani described AMBC as an analytical app that is able to analyze data and then provide early warning. “So, it is in the form of big data analytics. AMBC is not just just collecting data, but also analyzing it. It has intelligence implanted into the system so it can analyze the data of pregnant women and children. Then, the system will warn by sending periodic notifications via email, “he explained.

The features in the app are made like a monitoring card for pregnant women as well as card for health. It monitors children’s nutrition, information in the form of scientific articles by UNAIR experts and also infographics about health in the form of easily understood images.

“The features we make are like monitoring card that pregnant women usually carry when they check their pregnancy and the common healthcare card to calculate maternal and child weight, blood pressure and so on. Because those two things are the most important healthy parameters of pregnant women or newborn babies, “said Sani.

For now, Sani said that the AMBC app can be downloaded at the online registration page “Golden Period of Life, First 1000 Days” community registration page on the LPPM UNAIR website. “For the time being, it can be downloaded on the online registration page of this event on LPPM UNAIR homepage. Furthermore, it will definitely be in Playstore because this is just a soft launching and the concept is still not really final, it’s just a matter of time to get there, “he said.

The initial launch as well as the introduction of the AMBC app has been carried out at UNAIR anniversary celebration program on Saturday, November 2, 2019. The event at Airlangga Convention Center Building, Campus C, UNAIR was attended by pregnant women, prospective brides and infants under five years old. (*)

Author: Lailatul Fitriani

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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