Media Talk Discussion and Self-Branding with Gloria Hamel

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UNAIR NEWS – Following the times and demands to get to know the technology and its derivatives, Ministry of Communication and Information of BEM Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held Airlangga Media Seminar and Workshop (AMINOR). The event was held at Amec Building Faculty of Medicine on Saturday, November 2. The event brought three main speakers, Gloria Hamel, as a young influencer and former 2016 National Paskibraka is one the main speaker.

The name of Gloria Natapradja Hamel may not be familiar to some people, and she is former National Paskibraka whose inauguration as a Paskibraka flag-hoisting team member was cancelled over a citizenship issue. The title that was obtained by Gloria was more or less being discussed and related to her current role as an influencer.

“The most important thing before you step in and use social media is you have to know who you are. I want to be a doctor, even though my academic grades were not very good, “said the former young palace adviser of the country.

Since National Paskibraka incident, Gloria increasingly tried to find her identity until finally majoring in international relations became the passion she recognised. “I don’t believe in talent. I think all those things can be done as long as there is an intention. But to find the identity you want to build, you must be able to find a meeting point between what you like and what you can, “explained the International Relations student.

Gloria revealed that after finding her passion, she wanted to do a re-branding of the title that the community had given her through social media.

“At first, I wanted to eliminate the stigma of paskibra from me. Over time, I could say it was difficult. Because at that point, people knew me. Therefore, I want to build another image by sharing through social media, “she said.

For several years, Gloria has been active in sharing information and opinions both in the social, cultural, political and mental health fields. The content can be accessed through personal Instagram or Gloria’s YouTube account.

“Every influencer has their respective capacities. I want to share the good or positive things that need to be shared. The point is, you have to be wise, “said the Ambassador of Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Gloria revealed that the younger generation must be more sensitive to their surroundings and use social media critically. Besides, if later your voice can be heard, you should take responsibility for what you share.

“Influencers’ responsibility is sharing with the community. Apart from all of that, you have to choose good and bad things, “said Gloria.

In addition to sharing about the latest issues, Gloria made CURHARD on her Instagram page. He uses the column as a place to share and listen to his followers who experience mental illness or other problems.

“One of my followers even said that he didn’t commit suicide because of my response at CURHARD. I’m amazed. Social media can be a great place if you can use it appropriately, and you have to know that, “she concluded. (*)

Author: Intang Arifia

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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