FPK Creates APIK Application to Support Academic Affairs

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APIK (Fisheries and Marine Academic Application) application made by FPK to support academic affairs. (Photo: SBAK FPK)

UNAIR NEWS – Today we live in an age where technology develops rapidly. All information can be obtained through smartphone that we hold every day. One way to get that information is to look at the applications in our smartphone.

The Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) of Universitas Airlangga took advantage of this opportunity by creating an app called APIK (Academic Application of Fisheries and Marine). The application became a new breakthrough made by SBAK FPK to support academic affairs.

In its application, APIK helps FPK students to register Field Work Practices (PKL), thesis, graduation; view academic announcements and schedules; access to Information Systems (SIM); AULA assistance services; and download services for their academic needs.

To UNAIR NEWS, Ir. Agustono M. Kes as the Coordinator of the Faculty Staff said that the features in APIK will be further developed and will continue to be used by students and academics at FPK.

“In the future registration for internships will also be added,” Agustono said.

The purpose of creating APIK is to give FPK students access to academic affairs without having to come to campus. “FPK students can access APIK anytime and anywhere, with the internet and smartphones, they can register for PKL,” he added.

Furthermore, APIK application was created also to improve student discipline. Agustono explained that APIK is an automatic system. “You will be given a time limit for registration, if the deadline is overdue, you cannot register,” he said.

Agustono added, if there were problems with PKL, APIK could only help with registration. “The PKL problem itself is a matter between student and guiding lecturer,” he explained.

For the dissemination on the app to FPK members, the faculty has done it through the SBAK FPK Line. Also, disseminating information through class coordinators who is still actively studying at FPK.

“For APIK launching ceremony, it will be held on Student Day 2019, with the send-off of PKL students,” he added.

Meanwhile, Arya Adi Budiman, S. Kom as the Head of Academic Subdivision added that APIK would summarize SBAK bureaucracy related to PKL and judicium registration. ” It (APIK, ed) makes it easy for faculties related to digital databases,” said Arya. (*)

Author: R. Dimar Herfano Akbar

Editor : Binti Q Masruroh

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