The emergence of Artificial Intelligence as The Future Challenge for Accountant

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 HARGO Wahyuono SE., M.Si., Ak, CA during the event. (Photo: Community)
 HARGO Wahyuono SE., M.Si., Ak, CA during the event. (Photo: Community)

UNAIR NEWS – D3 Accounting Student Association (HIMA) Faculty Vocational Studies (FV) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) joined national accounting seminar 2019. Unlike the previous year which was more focused on how an accountant can optimize their effort to compete in the digital era. The focus of the event is fostering a spirit of professionalism among accountants.

2019 national accounting seminar took place on Friday, October 25 at Faculty of Vocational Studies Hall on the 3rd Floor of UNAIR Vocational building. There were Prof. Drs. Basuki, M.Com (Hons)., Ph.D, Ak, CMA., ACPA; Hargo Wahyuono, S.E., M.Si., Ak, CA; and Sugeng Widiyanto, S.E, Ak, ASEAN CA.

“National accounting seminar carried the expected long-term goal, which is the soul of a professional accountant, “said Naufal Fadli as a 2019 National Accounting Public Relations publicist.

The national seminar carried the big theme of “Building Professionalism for Accountants Towards a Golden Era of Indonesia.” He took this theme because related to the challenges and problems experienced by accountants of this era.

The problem with accountants today is the existence of accountants, so they are not defeated by the rapid development of technology.

The national seminar was an effort to answer future challenges. Thus, the accountants and would not make the wrong decision on what they do. Besides, there are motivational and tips sessions to become successful accountants.

“Improving the quality of human resources is needed. This effort is one of the essential steps to prepare them for the future”Fadli explained

Furthermore, the existence of artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly replacing human tasks, including accountants. Efforts must be made to avoid being displaced by optimally improving the quality of human resources.

We must use technology wisely, so it will not bring new problems in the future. (*)

Author: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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