Sulfur Mountain Ijen Banyuwangi Watershed and its Diatom Composition

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Illustration by Feri Fenoria

UNAIR NEWS – One of the indicators to analyze the condition of an environment can be determined by the benthic diatom composition. Naviculoid and Nitzschioid types are important diatoms that indicate eutrophication in water.

Unfortunately, until now, very few references have been found for the existence of diatoms in Indonesian freshwater. Therefore, a lecturer of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) Suciyono, S.St.Pi., MP with her colleague Dr. Endang Dewi Masithah, Ir., MP, Daruti Dinda Nindarwi, S.Pi., MP, Muhammad Hanif Azhar, S.Pi., M.Si., and Mohammad Faizal Ulkhaq, S.Pi., M.Si and their students Alifa Aisyah Sabil conducted research related to this matter.

“The purpose of this research is to determine the diatomic flora found in the Sulfur Mountain Ijen Banyuwangi watershed. The research I conducted with the team used four rivers from the Ijen sulfur mountain, Bendo River (Station 1) and Kampung Anyar River (Station 2) as upstream, Banyuwangi River (Station 3), and Kalilo River (Station 4) as downstream, ” explained the lecturer known well as Suci.

The results showed that there were 11 taxa from the Naviculaceae (Naviculoid) and Bacillariaceae (Nitzschioid) groups. They consisted of 7 taxa Navicula sp. found in Bendo River (Station 1) and Kampung Anyar River (Station 2). Four taxa from the Nitzschioid family were found in the Banyuwangi River (Station 3) and the Kalilo River (Station 4).

“Species from the Navicula group are commonly found in all fresh, marine and epipelic waters. In general, Nitzschia species are not only spread in muddy areas, but the distribution of these organisms is also found attached to the substrate along with diatoms and found attached to rocks, ” she said.

In the end, Suci hoped that the research could provide information related to benthic diatoms that exist in the Banyuwangi Ijen Mountain watershed. So that it can be used as a reference to determine the condition of an environment in different places.

Author: Dian Putri Apriliani

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

Link :

Suciyono, A.A. Sabil, E. D. Masithah, D.D. Nindarwi, M.H. Azhar and M.F.Ulkhaq. 2019. Diatom Naviculoid and Nitzschioid Composition in the Sulfur Mountains Watershed East Java, Indonesia. Indian Veterinary Journal. 96 (09) : 31 – 36

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