LPBI Seminar Encourages Downstream Production for Better Use in the Community

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Mas Rahmah (middle) with two guest lecturers from Sidney. (Photo: Personal Documentation.)

UNAIR NEWS – The Institute for Business Development and Incubation (LPBI) is a special institution within Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) which focuses on developing academic products and intellectual property rights. The main task of the LPBI itself is initiating, facilitating, organizing business development and incubation, and organizing activities related to academic and commercial business units.

On Tuesday, October 22, LPBI held a seminar “Commercialization of Innovation in the University for Teaching Industry” in Kahuripan Hall of UNAIR Campus C Management Office. It was aimed at introducing commercialization related to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), primarily, in the field of teaching industry, to all academic community members, both students and educational staffs.

On that occasion Dr. Mas Rahmah, S.H., M.H., LL.M as the Coordinator of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and LPBI Product Certification explains the function of LPBI, which is to improve the quality and quantity of academic and business products through skill ups and also business development in UNAIR.

Rahmah also stated that LPBI also played a role in protecting the innovations that had been developed, and also turned every innovation into a product that could bring benefits to the public.

Rahmah continued that one of the forms of LPBI’s contribution is from its collaboration with industry and also government agencies. The aim is to assist the production and financial processing of innovations made by UNAIR academics. For example, the development of capsule shell industry from seaweed.

“In August 2019, the Governor of East Java was inaugurated, together with the Ministry of Industry, and the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs UNAIR succeeded in establishing a seaweed capsule shell factory with a teaching industry concept that had been conceived since 2014. This is a real form of LPBI contribution to the nation, ” said Rahmah.

The total intellectual property from UNAIR until 2018 based on data from LPBI is 308. The figure consists of 147 patents, 130 copyrights, and 31 brands. These innovations indeed need protection.

“LPBI is aware that every innovation is an asset of intellectual property that must be protected. For that reason, through LPBI we will provide protection to these innovations, “Rahmah added.

“Not only that, LPBI will also provide support for the development of start-ups in order to become a company that is profitable, with a proper financial management and organization, as well as being a sustainable company,” she stated. (*)

Author: Sugeng Andrean

Editor : Binti Q Masruroh

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