Learn to Build a Digital Startup Through Technopreneur Seminars

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EXPLOSION of material by Kiki Ahmadi in the Technopreneur seminar on Saturday (10/19/19). (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The advancement of technology in making innovations on various things is also developing. One of them in economics is the rise of digital business, and it can be an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to start pioneering business (startups) in the digital field. Universitas Airlangga Management Student Association (HIMA UNAIR) held a seminar titled Technopreneur as a series of activities from Management Expo (Mexpo) on Saturday, October 19. The event invited Cynthia Cecilia as Founder and CEO of JOBHUN and Kiki Ahmadi as AVP Business Development Amertha as speakers.

The event was opened with remarks by Jovi Sulistiawan, S.E., M.SM. as a representative of the Management Department. He said that this event aimed to add insight into the startup practices that are currently developing.

“There are two great speakers here. We hope that this event can be useful for you all, “he said.

Then the event was continued by the first speaker, Cynthia Cecilia, who explained the process of building a startup. According to her, the requirements for making a startup are not just for business matters only but also something that has an impact on society.

“In essence, we also have a mission to bring a positive impact on the community. Thus, a startup is a combination of making a profit and giving positive impact for the community, ” he said.

Besides, the idea of ​​a startup can be done with a team or alone depends on each person, but the most important thing is startup ideas must be realistic with the community needs.

“Thus, a startup is not just a crazy idea to change the world, but it must be realistic. We can have big ambitions, but we also need to be realistic, ” he added.

Furthermore, Kiki Ahmadi explained that Fintech is technology related to financial services. According to him, three things need to be known to work in the digital startup industry, namely making digital products, getting the data, and self-promotion.

“I think this skill can be general in any profession. First, making digital products, then finding the data, and the last is promoting yourself, ” he said.

Author: Nur Rizky Rimadhani

Editor : Khefti Al Mawalia

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