Developing Early Warning System, FST Students Win Second in Physics Festival in Samarinda

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M. Rizaldy Bin Nuryasin and M. Fajar Faliasthiunus P. win the second prize trophy at National LKTI (Scientific Writing Contest) 2019 Physics Festival at Mulwarman University, Samarinda, East Kalimantan on October 5-6, 2019. (Photo: Personal documentation)

UNAIR NEWS – Students of Universitas Airlangga have made an achievement in a national competition. M. Rizaldy Bin Nuryasin and M. Fajar Faliasthiunus P., from Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) won 2nd place in National LKTI (Scientific Writing Contest) Physics Festival 2019 held on 5-6 October at Mulwarman University, Samarinda, East Kalimantan.

Their work idea was from the problem of earthquakes that often occur in Indonesia, followed by a tsunami. There is not a qualified early warning system technology used yet.

“It is inspired by the frequent earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis, such as what happened in Palu last time. And there is no qualified early warning system technology yet, “he explained.

From this problem, Rizaldy developed his idea of early warning system technology further with IOT (Internet of Things).

“It was actually a PKM (Student Creativity Program, ed) project. Now for this competition, we will develop it further especially with the Internet of Things, “explained the Physics student.

Rizaldy said that his family was very supportive. “Always support, prayers from them keep my spirit up,” he added.

Meanwhile, he admitted he faced some difficulty when he was preparing for the competition. According to Rizaldy, the competition coincided with his mid-semester exam (UTS). However, he believed that everything must be done at his best, all challenges must be solved thoroughly, whatever the outcomes.

In the future, the scientific paper (KTI) will continue to be developed because the device is still a laboratory prototype. In the future, it will be developed in an applicative scale. With this achievement, Rizaldy hoped he could develop the device further and improve his enthusiasm to take part in future competitions.

Rizaldy has made many achievements in the field of scientific writing, such as Second Winner of Equatorial Mining Fair at Tanjung Pura University, Double Silver Medal at the Symposium in Creativity eventThailand. (*)

Author: Asthesia Dhea C.

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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