Professor Christopher Gan Gives Lecture on International Journal Writing

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PROFESSOR Christopher Gan gives a guest lecture in Tirtodiningrat Hall. (Photo: Intang Arifia)
PROFESSOR Christopher Gan gives a guest lecture in Tirtodiningrat Hall. (Photo: Intang Arifia)

UNAIR NEWS – As a form of partnership between Universitas Airlangga and Lincoln University New Zealand, FEB UNAIR held a guest lecture by Professor Christopher Gan. The guest lecture on the steps of writing a scientific paper manuscript and how it could be accredited in a credible journal institution was held in Tirtodiningrat Hall.

The event, held on Friday, October 4, 2019, was attended by 50 students from bachelor’s to doctoral degree programs. Prof. Gan started his lecture by conveying six things that must be considered in writing a paper.

“The first and most important thing you need to pay attention to is originality. Never take the same material or even match other works. Because one of the things that reviewers expect from your journal paper is a new contribution to practical life, ” said the Lincoln University professor of accounting and finance.

Second is the problem statement that must be linear with the topic. Furthermore, this problem statement is expected to be different from the others so that the journal paper will have selling points in the eyes of reviewers. The third step is how to choose the right method.

“The term is catching the right fish with the right weapon. Students must read a lot of theory and literature. So you have a reference in determining what method is appropriate for your journal paper, “said Prof. Gan.

Fourth, journal paper linguistic consistency. International journals, in general, are in English. Therefore, students must be consistent with their choice of language, whether to use American or British English. The fifth is an explanation of the journal paper conclusion.

“The conclusion of journal paper must be linear with its contents, and the conclusion must also have an impact factor for the community, government, or academics. Your journal paper should be able to become a reference for the community or even decision-makers, “he said.

The final step, Prof. Mr. Gan reminded about the journal presentation. The writing style should be full of essence and not wordy. “There is no point in writing thousands of pages if the essence can be squeezed into just a few pages. The important point is the quality, not quantity, “said Prof. Gan.

Not only that, Prof. Gan further emphasized the norms and procedures for sending journal publications, including avoiding rushed submission of work, choosing the right publisher, carefully reading the intended purpose and scope of the journal publishing institution, making a good and interesting impression on the title and abstract, paying attention to editing and proofreading, and paying close attention to the editor comments.

At the end of the event Prof. Gan reminded that there is fierce competition in international journal publication this time because various countries and universities are competing to publish their journal papers.

“Therefore, it is okay if your journal is rejected. I have also experienced that. But the most important thing then is how you are able to use inputs from reviewers well and wisely, ” he stated in the end. (*)

Author: Intang Arifia

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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