Research Road Preparation Map as Strategy to Research Development

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PROF. Dr. Drs. Hery Purnobasuki, M.Si., Ph.D, presents his material of Research and Innovation. (Photo: Agus Irwanto)
PROF. Dr. Drs. Hery Purnobasuki, M.Si., Ph.D, presents his material of Research and Innovation. (Photo: Agus Irwanto)

UNAIR NEWS – Research and innovation are important schemes in improving quality of an institution and the human resources within it. The output in the form of international scientific journals and providing benefits to the community become a form of Higher Education Tri Dharma implementation in Indonesia.

In this regard, the Research and Innovation Institute (LPI) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a Roadmap, Expenditure Budget and Research Accountability Report Preparation Workshop on Friday, October 4, 2019 in Amerta Hall on the 4th floor of UNAIR Management Office Building Campus C. Attending at the event, representatives of researchers from all faculties and units at UNAIR.

Prof. Ir. Moch. Amin Alamsjah, M.Si., Ph.D, Vice Rector III on behalf of Rector Universitas Airlangga, in his remarks conveyed that in every research all researchers must continue to learn. This is part of the research process. Hopefully, the workshop will be a way to complete the research that has been prepared.

“Every researcher must be accountable for what has been submitted in the research proposal and provide details of the expenses during the study clearly. It sounds trivial, but it is actually complicated and has become the obligation of researchers. Hopefully this workshop will trigger the spirit to be a progressive and qualified researcher, “said Prof. Amin.

Meanwhile Prof. Dr. Drs. Hery Purnobasuki, M.Si., Ph.D, as the Head of LPI UNAIR said that the roadmap was crucial in the study and would be an important note for reviewers. Therefore, each group of researchers must have a clear roadmap so that the research runs smoothly and optimally.

“Make a strategic, large-scaled and long-term roadmap. It will be used as a research road map. Every research must be beneficial for the community, they must also be educated with the research because basically the research is for the community, “he explained.

In carrying out the research, clarity must be accounted for and the spending must be recorded. Equipment purchased with research money from the state will become the property of the state and must be reported to the LPI so the data can be deposited to the state as evidence of the accountability report.

Social, energy, environmental problems must also be observed and examined, then finding the solutions. It will be valuable and beneficial research for the community. Moreover, making achievements in research is important to be excellent. (*)

Author: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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