Mystery of the Mastermind Behind G30S PKI Movement

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UNAIR NEWS – The mistery behind the movement of G30S PKI (September 30th Movement of the Indonesian Communist Party) is still being debated to this day. In general, the movemnet is more likely to quote the new order version.

It was justified by UNAIR MKWU Lecturer, Mulyadi J. Amalik, S.S, M, Si. According to him, the new order version, PKI was placed as a party which ran the G30S movement. But some historical scientists also say that there is involvement of foreign parties, especially the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), United States.

“However, all the data is debatable, the truth is still debated until now,” he said.

Mulyadi, also said that the facts in the field showed PKI involved. The mastermind behind the scenario of the G30S itself is still a mystery. From the side of ordinary people, PKI members were involved.

Historians, he continued, rejected the term of G30S PKI. They believe PKI should not be included, because the mastermind of this movement may not be from PKI. Although the facts showed many PKI members took part in the movement.

During the New Order era, it did put a bit of a bad label on things that smelled communist. Unfortunately, the label also applied to the generation of PKI organizations.

“We cannot judge the descendants from their ancestors’ sin, unless they are also openly become activists (communist cadre, ed),” he said.

Textually we must study communism in order to know the communist formats. As academics, students and lecturers must see new formats of a communist movement. The new format can take form of political activities or social activities.

“Whatever the reason is, the communism is contradictory with Pancasila,” he stressed.

Like it or not, students must recognize the ideology of Indonesian state. Pancasila as ideology must be used as national identity.

“If the ideology of Pancasila as an identity has been upheld, then when studying other ideologies, we can compare it. We can see opportunities for Pancasila to be strengthened, “he concluded. (*)

Author: Sandi Prabowo

Editor : Khefti Al Mawalia

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