World Lung Day, UNAIR Hospital Holds Declaration of Healthy Lung Community

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Dr. Alfian Nur Rosyid when explaining about lung health, Wednesday, September 25. (Doc. Of UNAIR Hospital)

UNAIR NEWS – Being healthy is a right for everyone. In commemoration of World Lung Day 2019 on September 25, Medical Staff Group of Lung in collaboration with Health Promotion of Universitas Airlangga Hospital (PKRS UNAIR) held a Healthy Lung Community Declaration September 25. This activity took place in the 4th Floor Meeting Room, IRPTI Building, UNAIR Hospital.

The participants of lung patients in UNAIR Hospital together with their families who were also members of Asma Yoga Community and were enthusiastic with the activity. The event was also attended by staff from Department of Lung FK UNAIR, Lung SMF RSUD Dr. Soetomo, Head of Central PDPI, Vice of East Java PDPI, and Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine FK UNAIR.

With the theme of “Protect the Air Protect the Lungs”, Medical Staff Group of Lung and PKRS UNAIR Hospital team provided socialization related to various lung diseases, as well on treating and preventing them. In his presentation, Dr. Alfian Nur Rosyid, Sp.P, FAPSR, FCCP, also explained that Indonesia was ranked the 3rd most TB sufferers in the world.

There are several factors, such as air pollution due to motor vehicle fumes, forest fires, and also a large number of smokers in Indonesia. In between the material presentations, discussion and question and answer sessions were also opened. There are attractive prizes for participants who actively ask questions.

“It coincides with World Lung Day, and we want to strengthen the relationship between UNAIR Hospital and lung patients,” Alfian said. “We hope there will be more benefits that we can provide to the community in the future,” he added.

Besides, hospitals have no working area as a rule — meanwhile, puskesmas which have one sub-district working area.

“So we want to reach them (lung patients, ed) with this community. The goal is making the patients know and understand that we care for them, “Alfian said.

In the end of event, the participants were guided by Dr. Isnin Anang Marhana, Sp.P (K), FCC, as Head of Central PDPI declared the Lung Healthy Community of UNAIR Hospital and closed with the signing of the declaration. Besides that, there was also a group photo session and even the distribution of UNAIR Hospital Lung Community membership card.

Jayanti, one of the participants in the event who is also one of the patients at UNAIR Hospital said that she was happy to join this activity. “That’s great. Hopefully, it will support and we can gain more insight,” said Jayanti

Besides, continued Jayanti, pulmonary community and Asthma Yoga Club can make them closer. She also joined Asthma yoga exercises that held routinely every Sunday at UNAIR Hospital. (*)

Writer: Ari

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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