Founder of Aiola Surabaya: Collaboration is Key to Success

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dr. Irma (the furthest on the right) Founder of Aiola food court, Surabaya, FK UNAIR alumnus. (Photo: Personal Documentation.)

UNAIR NEWS – Who doesn’t know Aiola? One of the famous food courts in the city of Surabaya has gained popularity. Who would have thought, the owner of the food court is one of a medical specialists graduated from Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga (FK UNAIR), dr. Irmadita Citrashanty SP, KK, founder and CEO of Aiola food court.

On Sunday, September 22, Irma spoke at National Entrepreneur Talkshow held by BEM UNAIR at Airlangga Convention Center Campus C. The event was a part of business plan competition held Ministry of Women’s Empowerment BEM UNAIR.

Irma explained that initially she wanted to start a business because she wanted to have another source of income during her medical specialist education.

“The initial purpose of the business was to have a small income because at that time many of my friends worked, while I had to go to college again, so there was a desire to make money. Finally, I started my business, ” she said.

Before Aiola, she started a clothing business. However, her business suffered losses and eventually closed.

“Before Aiola established, I already tried selling clothes and opening clothes shop. But it went bankrupt due to fierce competitiveness,” said Irma.

Asked about time management aside from being a housewife, doctor, lecturer, and also entrepreneur, she explained that it was important to determine priorities. She said that her family remain number one priority.

“There are only twenty-four hours a day. Of course you have to set priority. For me family is number one. If my husband asked me to stop, I have to follow, ” she stated.

In doing business, Irma always emphasizes collaboration. In her opinion, by collaborating, work will be far more effective and efficient than by doing everything yourself.

“In business we must be sensitive. When do we need someone else’s help? When to collaborate with others. That’s what I felt when I started running Aiola, because I was taking my specialist study at that time. So I feel where I need other people to manage Aiola, ” she said.

Tips for running a successful business according to Irma is that it must start with good intentions, prayers, and the most important thing is the blessing of parents. All three are the most important and first things emphasized by her. Only then, other theoretical method can be applied.

“The first thing always starts with good intentions. I’m sure anything done with good intentions will also have good results. Then don’t forget to pray. It’s useless if you have intention not to pray, “said Irma.

“And the most important thing is the blessing from both parents. That is what I have emphasized in doing anything, business, teaching, and many things. Only after that I can apply other theories, ” she added. (*)

Author: Sugeng Andrean

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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