BToPH Introduces FKM UNAIR Freshmen about Banyuwangi Peduli

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Photo with students after the activity. Photo: Maba FKM personal photo)

UNAIR NEWS – Basic Training of Public Health or called BToPH is a cadre of Faculty of Public Health PSDKU UNAIR in Banyuwangi. Besides, the committee also introduced FKM freshmen to carry out one of the three higher education dharma, namely community service. This year theme of community services is obesity.

To UNAIR NEWS, Eqia Arum Azzahro as the event coordinator explained the theme and target of the community service had been determined by the committee first. However, FKM freshmen managed to conduct several activities.

“For the theme and target it has been set by the previous committee, but the conceptual form of its activities is those (FKM freshmen, ed). The reason why we took this theme is that obesity is one of the five most significant problems in Indonesia, secondly because of the demands of the target parties and the importance of early education, “he explained.

Afan Alfayad, as the chief executive said the activities carried out on Saturday, September 21 had been carried out successfully. Even without PPT, socialization activities can still be carried out using pictures. The contents of the material and the types of businesses they provide vary.

“Thank God, we think the activity was quite successful. Even without PPT, we can socialize through pictures. The contents material are ranging from the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods to the effects of obesity. Our community service activities target elementary school students in grades 1-3, there were several activities such as hand washing preparation, baby shark dance, gummy bear dance, “he said.

Afan said the games were made to test whether the student had understood the material presented by the committee.

“We played a game of classifying healthy foods and unhealthy foods. Alhamdulillah, they enjoyed the game, ” he added.

Afan also explained they gained new experiences. In addition to exercising responsibility, the activity will provide students with the ability to face the community in the future.

“We hope to strengthen further our generation where our batch name is Wiradharma which means diligent and resilient,” he concluded.

Author: Rista Novianti

Editor: Nuri Hermawan 

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