Three Programs at UNAIR Aim for FIBAA International Accreditation

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JUNAIDI Khotib, S.Si, Apt., M. Kes., Ph.D presents a token of appreciation to Daniel Guenther as Project Manager FIBAA. (Photo: Muhammad Alif Fauzan)

UNAIR NEWS – Three Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) programs aim for international accreditation to improve the quality of education management as well as to answer the current global challenges in the world of education.

For this reason, UNAIR continues to improve its international accreditation achievement. One of them is by getting FIBAA (The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). FIBAA is an internationally oriented European agent for quality assurance and development in higher education.

On Wednesday, September 25, UNAIR held an opening meeting for the international accreditation visit meeting for its three programs, Bachelor of Laws (Faculty of Law), bachelor of Psychology (Faculty of Psychology) and Master in Linguistics (Faculty of Humanities). The opening meeting was held in Kahuripan 301 Hall, Campus C UNAIR.

There were five FIBAA assessors and one student representative for the accreditation interview session. They were Daniel Guenther, Prof Dr. Achim Gmilkowky, Dr. Ha Nguyen Duy Mong, Prof. Dr. Martin Beckenkamp, Ute Walter and Nurul Huda Gustema (student of Yogyakarta State University).

Junaidi Khotib, S.Si, Apt., M. Kes., Ph.D said that the internationalization of the three programs was expected to improve competitiveness of students in national and global scope. The program has prepared administration, documents, curriculum design and program activities according to the design set by UNAIR.

“This preparation will support programs achieving international accreditation acknowledged by all parties, national and international community,” he said.

He continued, the main purpose of the accreditation was to improve the quality of education, students, staffing and research collaboration. It will improve UNAIR’s rank nationally and internationally

“When this accreditation is carried out, the recognition to programs will be very good. We hope in the future learning activities like student mobility, staff mobility and research collaboration with various countries will run well, “he concluded.

Author: Khefti Al Mawalia

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