Going Towards Top 500 World Universities, UNAIR Collaborates with Liverpool University

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The leadership of UNAIR having discussion with Liverpool University. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – After establishing partnerships with several universities in Turkey, Universitas Airlangga continued to collaborate with one of the best universities in the blue continent, Liverpool University. It was the next university headed by UNAIR delegation led by the Rector.

At Liverpool University on Monday, September 23, Prof. Nasih and staff were welcomed directly by leadership of Liverpool University. In his remarks, Prof. Nasih said that he wanted to identify broader areas of collaboration between Liverpool University and UNAIR. UNAIR with full commitment, continued Prof. Nasih, is ready to invite professors or academics from Liverpool University to join various programs such as visiting professor, adjunct professor, and visiting fellow at UNAIR.

“We also want to invite Liverpool University students to join the semester and summer exchange programs at UNAIR,” explained Prof. Nasih. “And therefore, this meeting is important for both universities to get information about the potential collaboration,” he added.

Various efforts, continued Prof. Nasih, were made to support UNAIR to be among Top 500 world universities in 2020. According to him, in the era of globalization, universities need to improve the quality and ability of teaching staffs. Therefore, Prof. Nasih also encouraged collaboration in joint research and publications between both universities.

” We welcome experts and professors from Liverpool John Moore University who are willing to be hired as an Adjunct professor for one year in Universitas Airlangga. We also invite visiting professors, senior lecturers, and or for a postdoctoral program to our university, “he explained.

At the end, Prof. Nasih also said, the collaboration was none other to increase the number of international research and publications because, it is very important to build international collaboration leading to international publications and towards World Class University.

“With this, we hope to expand our collaboration with Liverpool University and thank you for the commitment given,” concluded Prof. Nasih.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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