Two hundred UNAIR Students and TNI Collaborate to Overcome Problems in Citarum River

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UNAIR NEWS – After the official send-off ceremony presided by Vice Rector I Prof. Djoko Santoso, Ph.D., K-GH., FINASIM., on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) Campus C UNAIR, all UNAIR KKN (Community Service Program) teams went straight to the assigned locations, in East Java, Tuban, Gresik, Jember, and Banyuwangi regency, as well as outside East Java, in Bandung Regency.

Based on LPPM (Community Service and Development Institute) UNAIR data, 1,305 students were participating in this period while those deployed to Bandung Regency reached 200 students from all faculties in UNAIR.

Dra. Tania Ardiani Saleh, MS, PA (K) as the coordinator of KKN supervising lecturers in Bandung Regency confirmed that the students involved in Bandung Regency are more than the previous period. Compared to the previous semester, that number increased significantly. It means the trust and efforts have made an impact.

“If in the previous semester, there were only about one hundred students. For this semester, we have around 200 students,” she said.

The location of this KKN, she added, was the same as the previous one, in sector 7. Geographically, the site is in the lower reaches of Citarum River.

“So, the Citarum program is divided into 22 sectors along Citarum River. Well, we (UNAIR, ed) are assigned to sector 7 / Citarum Task Force. We are at the lowest upstream,” she said.

Even though it is located on the same site as last semester, explained Dra Tania, 200 participants will prioritize the improvement of the previous program so that the target can be achieved gradually and continuously. This semester was the third deployment of UNAIR students.

“They departed after the send-off ceremony with Vice Rector on Tuesday in ACC (Airlangga Convention Center, RED), and arrived at 00.00 Wednesday morning on July 3, 2019, with Pasundan Train,” she said.

“Next, they will attend the handover event the next day or the opening procession on Thursday, July 4, 2019, with related parties, Bandung Regency government and Military Regional Command (Kodam) III / Siliwangi as essential partners in the synergy of KKN-Citarum Harum activity, “she stated.

 CHILDREN play on the bank of Citarum River, which was successfully cleaned before. It will be made for children’s playgrounds. (Photo: By courtesy)
CHILDREN play on the bank of Citarum River, which was successfully cleaned before. It will be made for children’s playgrounds. (Photo: By courtesy)

Regarding the location of KKN in sector 7, Dra Tania explained that 200 KKN students would be deployed in five sub-districts in Bandung Regency, with a total of 14 villages. The whole program implementation is in synergy with the TNI’s program, with four Koramil in the Sector 7 / Citarum Task Force area.

“Together with the TNI through the Koramil, students work together to manage the Citarum River area. Both physically and non-physically,” she said.

Dra. Tania also said that program carried out by KKN groups in Bandung Regency is focused on empowering communities around Citarum River Basin, by making preventive and curative efforts such as fostering awareness on cleanliness around the river.

“It includes education, health, economic and social programs that target children,” she said.

Moreover, the program of UNAIR KKN team was fully supported by TNI, especially the Citarum River cleaning program.

“From TNI, in this case, is the Siliwangi Military Command III,” she said.

Three lecturers accompanied UNAIR KKN teams in Bandung Regency. Besides Dra. Tania, there was Dr. Lanny Ramli, S.H., M. Hum., Faculty of Law (FH) and Yanuar Nugroho, S.E., M.Sc., Ak., CA., from Faculty of Vocational Studies (FV).

Meanwhile, the Head of UNAIR Community Service and Development Institute (LPPM) Dr. Eko Supeno, Drs. M.Si. said that UNAIR conducts nine KKN schemes, Thematic KKN-BBM (Community Learning); KKN Back to Village; KKN Ceria; Overseas KKN; Election KKN; KKN IPE (Interprofessional Education); 6th Nationalism KKN; KKN Citarum; and KKN PPM Dikti.

“In Bandung Regency is one of the KKN schemes in UNAIR, KKN-Citarum Harum, “he said.

“The concepts of Community Service Program have been developed with various types of schemes. There are nine schemes. Each KKN model is expected to bring maximum results in line with the needs in the community,” he added. (*)

Author: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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