HIMAKUA PSDKU Commemorates National Fisherman Day through FITOP

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UNAIR NEWS – Fisheries Photography Competition (FITOP) is a photography competition for all students and students in Indonesia. FITOP is held to commemorate national fishermen’s day on April 6, 2019.

This activity (FITOP, ed) is one of the work programs of Department of Public Relations Aquaculture Student Association (HIMAKUA). FITOP 2019 was the second implementation, after last year it had been successfully implemented within the university.

To UNAIR NEWS on March 13, Rusdi Abdat as the chief executive explained the purpose of FITOP implementation. In addition to commemorating fisherman day, FITOP was held as an effort to introduce Universitas Airlangga Off Main Campus Program in Banyuwangi, especially the Aquaculture program.

“As a student of fisheries, we should celebrate the Fisherman Day. One of them is through this FITOP. It is for our faculty external branding, too, “explained the second semester student of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine.

After the registration was opened on March 16, 2019, there were 83 works collected. The work of participants who have been sent is displayed on FITOP Instagram page. The feasibility of the work is then assessed by the judges. This year’s FITOP judges are Pello photostudio, Fernando (Winner of Nikon Marathon), and Imam (Freelance photographer).

Regarding the assessment criteria, he explained, the composition of photos, the color of photos, the meanings in photos, and the captions included in the evaluation points. There are three winners and 1 favorite winner based on the most likes.

“Winners have been announced through FITOP Instagram page,” he said.

The first winner of 2019 FITOP was Umar Abdurrahman Shihabudin from MA Al-Irsyad Tengaran. Brigita Laras Purbosanti from Gadjah Mada University won the 2nd place. 3rd place won by Bastian Ragas from PSDKU Universitas Airlangga in Banyuwangi. In addition, from the University of Riau on behalf of Tio Afandi Nasution became 2019 FITOP favorite winner.

“There are many ways to commemorate Fisherman Day, not only through FITOP. Hopefully, in the future there will be many positive activities carried out by students of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine to commemorate Fisherman Day, ” said the Rusdi.

Author: Dian Putri Apriliani

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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