Election Upon Us, There is Still Time to Choose

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UNAIR NEWS – 2019 simultaneous elections are just days away. The fifth presidential debate will become a benchmark in determining the future votes. Attending at the debate, Rector of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Prof. Dr. H. Mohammad Nasih, S.E., MT., Ak., CMA., as the panelist coordinator for the Fifth Presidential Debate 2019.

As a response, Student Executive Board (BEM) of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and UNAIR Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), together with UNAIR’s Political Science Student Association (Himapol), collaborated to watch the debate live and hold a discussion forum. The activity was held on Saturday, April 13, 2019 in a park behind FISIP UNAIR.

The discussion was attended by speakers from academics, including Head of Study and Strategic Action Department BEM FEB UNAIR, Siti Nur Umami, and two UNAIR Political Sciences Lecturers Dr. Kris Nugroho, Drs., M.A., and Ucu Martanto S.IP., MA. There were also guests at the event, UNAIR FISIP Professor, Prof. Drs. Ramlan Surbakti, M.A., Ph.D.

In his remarks, Prof. Ramlan stated that he is longing for appropriate campus atmosphere and students’ works. Related to the previous debate, Prof. Ramlan also gave a bit of criticism.

The discussion forum was divided into three sessions, pre-debate discussion, respondent’s responses after a debate session, and post-debate discussion. The fifth presidential debate, indeed, was focused on economic aspects.

“For voters who are still undecided or who have a choice, after this last debate, they have to make their choice from the candidate pairs,” said Ucu.

Not much different, according to Kris, this debate was the last moment as the voters must determine to go to the ballot box next April 17. Although many voters already have their political choices, this fifth debate can be taken into their consideration as well.

“Before this debate, many had strong political choices and opinions, but that choice could change tonight,” he said.

Meanwhile, Umami, as an FEB student who understands economics, explained that all programs offered by the two candidates may be able to improve the welfare of the community. And the elected president’s policy program will be able to be escorted by existing elements, not just the president.

This fifth debate is the most awaited debate by the community. Because, the theme of economic issues is something that is always discussed, and debated by the two sides. (*)

Author: Wildan Ibrahimsyah

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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