First Day of UTBK UNAIR Runs Well

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UNAIR NEWS – Computer Based Examination (UTBK) as a requirement to participate in State University Joint Entrance Test (SBMPTN) was held simultaneously on Saturday, April 13, 2019. The committee has ensured the implementation of UTBK on the first day ran well.

Head of UTBK UNAIR Junaidi Khotib, Ph.D., and the team also inspected the venues of UTBK. After carrying out the inspection, Junaidi accompanied by a team to give several reports to the press. In his presentation, Junaidi said that the exam went well.

“Alhamdulillah, if we see and monitor together, UTBK on the first day can run well and smoothly,” he explained.

Junaidi also explained that it could not be separated from the teamwork in the field and also those who were in charge of preparing the implementation of UTBK in advance. All the venues, he added, both in UNAIR and four partner universities such as UMS, Untag, Unitomo, and STIESIA can be used properly.

“However, in UNAIR, out of the 38 rooms available there are 4 rooms experiencing technical problems, but Alhamdulillah, all of them can be solved quickly before the exam is started,” he said.

As additional information, in one class, participants are mixed between social humanities (soshum) and science and technology groups. To guarantee the availability of electricity, the committee collaborate with PLN, as well as with Telkom Indonesia.

“Participants will get the test results through their accounts each 10 days after the test,” he added.

At UTBK Center UNAIR, added Junaidi, there were a total of 1,450 computers in 752 rooms. In UNAIR itself, there are 14 UTBK locations, both in faculties and in work units, such as in Faculty of Dental Medicine; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Economics and Business; Faculty of Psychology; Faculty of Humanities; Faculty of Vocational Studies; Faculty of Public Health; Faculty of Science and Technology; as well as Faculty of Nursing.

“Meanwhile, in the work unit, it is located in Pertamina FST Building; PPMB Campus C; PIPS; and Campus B UNAIR Library, “he said.

At the end, Junaidi reiterated that the smooth implementation of UTBK could not be separated from the role of various parties. He also hoped that all parties can continue to support the successful implementation of UTBK until the end of May.

“We expect prayers, so this UTBK can run well until the end,” he concluded.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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