Mental Health Awareness, Let’s Recognize the Symptoms of Depression and How to Deal With It

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Dr. Hamidah M.Si., Psychologist. (Photo: Galuh Mega Kurnia)

UNAIR NEWS – Depression is one of the mental health problem suffered by most people. Whether it is mild or severe depression.

According to Dr. Hamidah., M.Si., Psychologist from Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), there are several symptoms of mild depression including withdrawal from social environment, feelings of worthless, hopeless, losing appetite and irregular sleep patterns.

“If the depression become serious, there will be a desire to commit suicide,” said the lecturer who familiarly called Dr. Hamidah.

Dealing People with Depression

When you find out that people around us are facing depression, there are many things that we need to do according to Dr. Hamidah. The first, inviting them to be fully involved to interact and engage with other people’s lives.

“We take them (people with depression, ed) from their world. Although they will feel uncomfortable initially but try to get used to it slowly, “she explained.

When they want to interact and engage with others, then we need to support by socialize and interact with them.

It is important for us to show that they have the same strengths, abilities and beliefs as others. When sufferers see their flaws, help them by reminding them that they are worthy.

Social support has an important role in several conditions. Primarily for patients who suffering chronic diseases, disasters and other conditions.

“When family and friends doesn’t know how to help people with depression, then they need to get and seek help from other parties,” Dr. Hamidah.

Patients must immediately get Psychological First Aid (PFA). Mostly from family, friends, professionals in hospital so on.

Tips to Prevent Depression

According to Dr. Hamidah, the main key in preventing depression is be positive. When we think positively, the feelings will also be positive. Thus, it can avoid depression.

“It all depends on how we respond as something positive or negative,” she added. (*)


Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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