Tips to Get Master Degree in Singapore by Kaplan Edupac

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INFO Session with Kaplan Edupac. (Photo: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti)
INFO Session with Kaplan Edupac. (Photo: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti)

UNAIR NEWS – Nowadays, master’s degree education is a major need. Preparation to get a master’s degree must also be in accordance with the criteria set by the desired university, especially if you want to study abroad which has many requirements that must be met.

In this regard, Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) in collaboration with Kaplan Edupac Surabaya held an info session that took place on Friday, April 5, 2019, at Kahuripan 301 Campus C Management Office Building, UNAIR. There were three sessions, TOEFL, campus life in Singapore, and how to make a great essay.

The activity aims to make UNAIR students enthusiastic to continue their postgraduate education abroad. At the same time motivating them and providing insight about the requirements and also preparations that must be made from now on.

The main requirement that must be fulfilled by students is having effective English communication skills to make it easier for students to take TOEFL test. Therefore, students should practice and take English courses to prepare themselves.

Christian Sutisna, one of the presenters from Kaplan said that campus life in Singapore is not much different from Indonesia. There are also extra activities, the organization and forum of Indonesian student families. The activity can be followed by all students who want to join.

“In Singapore, the contract system of residence is not a year, but two months. This makes it easy for those of you who find it difficult to adjust to the environment. There are also interesting places to study and shop that you can visit there, “he added.

There was also Mr. Tangkas Priambodo who spoke on ” How To Make A Great Essay ” explaining that the essay is a requirement from each university abroad to select prospective students. Therefore, making personal essays is crucial.

“When you make an essay do not use complicated language that is confusing, but you have to express yourself from a unique side and present the reason you are enrolling in the department you choose. Also do not include statements that are not important and forcing the campus to admit you, “he said.

Preparations to get postgraduate abroad should be made by students. Most importantly, learning to use effective English. (*)


Author: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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