FIB Invites Parents to Improve Role and Support

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Vice Dean I of FIB UNAIR Praise Karyanto disseminates cyber campus accounts and student activities at FIB UNAIR
Vice Dean I of FIB UNAIR Praise Karyanto disseminates cyber campus accounts and student activities at FIB UNAIR. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The role and support of parents is an important element for students during their studies. In this regard, Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Universitas Airlangga held a meeting with guardians or parents of students to disseminate about students’ life at college on Saturday, March 30, 2019.

The dissemination presented all parents of FIB UNAIR students in class 2018. It explained more about the use of cyber campus accounts. Through an account facilitated by this campus, parents can monitor the academic activities of their children.

Things that can be monitored by parents or guardians include percentage of attendance, Grade Point Average (GPA), lecture schedule, and information about other students. The attending parents were taught how to access the cyber campus which was specifically developed for parents or guardians.

In addition to cyber campus, the dissemination also discussed the funding of Student Parents Association (Ikoma). The Ikoma Fund is intended to be a form of parents’ contribution to support student activities, especially in the non-academic field.

UNAIR FIB Dean Diah Ariani Arimbi, Ph.D. confirmed that non-academic activities are very important for students to improve their soft skills as they are important and preferred by companies when recruiting workers.

Softskill can be gained by students through participation in various activities. At FIB we provide approximately 14 student organizations (ormawa) or semi-autonomous bodies (BSO) which are ready to become a forum for the development of students’ soft skills, ” explained Diah.

In addition to developing soft skills through Ormawa or BSO activities, Vice Dean I FIB UNAIR Puji Karyanto, S.S., M. Hum. in the dissemination explained that there were several activities which could also become fields for students to develop soft skills, such as participating in student creativity program activities (PKM) and following student exchanges programs

“When they enter professional world, GPA is only an administrative requirement for being able to take the test. But the most important thing is soft skills. The student activities as a medium of soft skills development need financial support that we manage through Ikoma funds,” said Puji who is also a lecturer in Indonesian Language and Literature program.

Regarding the student exchange program, Puji stressed that it really needed the support and permission of parents of students. Referring to several cases, there were several students who were ready to take part in the program then failed due to lack of permission and support from parents.

“In fact, the program will have many benefits. Students who take the program will get a plus point when they graduate. In addition, the percentage of students who take the student exchange program is an added value for the university to reach the Top 500 world class university (WCU),” he said during the dissemination in Siti Parwati Hall, FIB UNAIR.

It is known, the dissemination activity was actually scheduled for the last odd semester. However, because FIB hosted 64th Anniversary of UNAIR in 2018, the new dissemination can be realized in this even semester. (*)

Author: Shofiyyatul Mahrushah

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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