D3 Hospitality Management Practice Making Pastry, Cake & Cream with Professional Chefs

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Pastry, Cake & Cream course students break eggs and mix the dough.
Pastry, Cake & Cream course students break eggs and mix the dough. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Students of D3 Hospitality Management, Faculty of Vocational Studies practice making strawberry shortcake, fruit tartlete, and vanilla cookies. Such practices are done as practical session of Pastry, Cake, & Cream. The second semester student practiced was held in the second week of March 2019.

The practice session was administered by an extraordinary lecturer, Endra Yudah, DIPL. HOT is the chef of JW Marriot Hotel, Surabaya.

Before doing the session, students are given the theory first in class. After that, they practiced it at the kitchen owned by Faculty of Vocational Studies UNAIR.

Previously, students had been provided with recipes to be made, complete with doses and step by step methods. Furthermore, students easily carry out instructions from the chef .

In the lab, students do all the baking process. Starting from measuring ingredients, making dough, and decorating cakes. In this practice, students were divided into 3 groups, worked on strawberry shortcake, fruit tartlete, and vanilla cookies. The students looked enthusiastic and happy doing it.

After completing the practice, the students cleaned the kitchen and allowed to taste the results of their practice that day. Here are some students’ pastry documentation . (*)

Vanilla Cookies with strawberries made by students of D3 Hospitality Management at Faculty of Vocational Studies UNAIR. (Photo: By courtesy)
Fruit tartlete is decorated with various kinds of fruit that students made. (Photo: By courtesy)
Students take pictures with their dish after practical session. (Photo: By courtesy)

Author: Umi Farichah Bascha

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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