AUBMO PSDKU Awakens Millennial Entrepreneurial Spirit Towards Industrial Revolution 4.0

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The athmosphere of 2019 AUBMO PSDKU Entrepreneurship Seminar. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Bidikmisi Organization Universitas Airlangga (AUBMO) Off Main Campus Program (PSDKU) Universitas Airlangga is an organization that accommodates bidikmisi students. Many activities were carried out by AUBMO PSDKU, mainly in developing student abilities. One of them was Entrepreneurship Seminar.

Located in room A202 Entrepreneurship Seminar filled by well-known entrepreneurs in Banyuwangi was hosted on Saturday, March 30. Entrepreneurship seminar “Awakens Millennial Generation Spirit in Industrial Revolution Era 4.0” were filled by Dede Abdul Ghany, SE as Director of PT PRJ & Head of Harley Davidson Club Banyuwangi (HDCB) in the first session. Then, Suryanto S.Ap as Head of HIPMI of PT Banyuwangi & CMO Madura Indah in the second session.

Dede Abdul Ghany, S.E in first session conveyed about industrial revolution development began from 1.0 on 18th century to 4.0. At the moment, according to him, Indonesia is entering the 3rd most vulnerable country in Asia sphere.

He also emphasized in geographical conditions in 2018-2021, there will be more millennials as productive labor. In that era, all work carried out by humans would soon be replaced by robots.

“As a millennial generation, we must be ready to face that era, students need to make a business that will survive through any condition. “he said.

An entrepreneur, you will get use to failure then the business will start to run smoothly.

In the second session, Suryanto added information related to entrepreneurship, especially milenial in facing Industrial Revolution 4.0. Regarding to that, the power of intention synergizes with the skills to increase the opportunities that exist.

“Be courage, you don’t need money to start a business and to find a network, you dont need money. The point is we have to be brave, never be afraid of being wrong and we are required to always be sensitive by seeing obstacles as an opportunity and taking a negative thing into something positive.” he concluded (*)

Author: Athiya Adibatul

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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