UNAIR Psychology Alumna Wins First Place in 2019 East Java Raki

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HERLIDHA Savira (right) brings trophies and prizes for her victory.
HERLIDHA Savira (right) brings trophies and prizes for her victory. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – A great achievement was made by Universitas Airlangga family. It came from UNAIR Faculty of Psychology (FPsi) alumna. Heraldha Savira or Shasha, 2017 graduate succeeded in becoming the first winner of 2019 Raka Raki Tourism Ambassador Selection in Surabaya representing the City of Surabaya.

Shasa won it on the Grand Final night at Graha Wilwatikta building, Pasuruan Regency, on Saturday, March 16. She succeeded in eliminating 36 other female finalists from all regencies / cities in East Java. Shasa was paired with the first winner of male group from Malang.

The woman who likes music admitted that before she was trusted to represent the city of Surabaya, she had to be active first. More or less for a year in the Surabaya Cak and Ning Association.

In the process, Shasha had to pass an internal selection by Cak and Ning Surabaya Administrators. Through several tests, she was finally named as representative of Surabaya City for 2019 East Java Raka Raki.

“At that time I was contacted by one of the association official. I was asked take part in the audition (the selection of Surabaya City representatives to Raka Raki, ed). With some of my other friends. Finally, I was trusted to represent Surabaya after going through several processes, ” she said.

Shasha was motivated to join 2019 Raka Raki in East Java as she feels Surabaya as her hometown has a variety of tourism potential, even at the international level. The ultimate goal, Shasa wanted to contribute in the introduction of the city of Surabaya to a wider scope.

“The rapid development of Surabaya motivated me to take part in it to a broader level, East Java. And, Raka Raki is the right place, ” she concluded.

Aside from serving as 2019 East Java Raki, Shaha is currently studying to prepare for an International degree in Music from the Royal College of Music, United Kingdom. She currently works as a manager of a music school in Surabaya. (*)


Author: Firman Wijaya

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i


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