Discussing Political Communication, BEM FISIP and IDN Times Holds an Event of Millenials Memilih

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The speakers in the talk show titled "Millenials Memilih" at Parlinah Hall, Campus B UNAIR Library on Wednesday, March 27. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Student Executive Body (BEM) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR and East Java IDN Times held the event “#MillenialsChoose: Yuk PDKT (Understanding, Deepening, Knowing, Determining) with Political Communication for Upcoming Election” on Wednesday March, 27 2019. The event, which was held in Parlinah Hall Room, UNAIR Campus B Library was aimed at giving an overview of millennial on political communication in upcoming election.

Four speakers were present at the event, politician Firda Badrie, SBO TV journalist Agnes Santoso, Communication Lecturer at FISIP UNAIR Angga Prawadika Aji, S.I.P., M.A., and musician and politician Andre Hehanusa.

The opening speech of the event was opened by chief executive of Political and Strategic Ministry of Social Sciences and Political Sciences UNAIR, Muhammad Syahrul Fath, a representative from IDN times and Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Dr. Falih Suaedi Drs., M.Si. In his remarks, Dr. Falih explained that university will definitely experience dynamics of change in the hand of millennial, one of them through criticism.

“In political communication, there needs to be a criticism, I think criticism is not only in the form of support, because support is not only through a form of agreeing,” he said.

Millennial, Hoax, and Politics

Firda Badrie said millennial is a beginner voter. Regarding hoaxes, according to him, now it is not only consumed by millennials.

“The existence of a hoax level tendency is more higher on housewife.” he said.

The issue of hoax itself cannot be separated from the role of the media at this time. Agnes Santoso as a journalist said that hoaxes have been designed in such a way to make a feud in millennials.

“Millennial should be subject as voters, but in fact they are actually used as objects,” he said.

Angga Prawadika Aji conveyed that political communication is now very different from the past because everyone can access information from everywhere.

“Mostly voters come from milennials generation, besides there are also apathetic millennials nowadays. It was proven when they were asked about the benefits of elections for millennials, it turned out that they cant answer this question” he said.

Meanwhile, Andre Hehanusa added that political communication have been carried out through his passion by spreading this information in cafes and some creative event. In addition, according to him, social media also has a big influence.

“For millennials, raise your voice so politicians can understand your aspiration. It can be through social media, because it is the most effective and inexpensive way to spread the information.” he explained. (*)

Author: Wildan Ibrahimsyah

Editor: Zanna Afia Deswari

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