UNAIR BEM FH Power Cabinet Ready to Support UNAIR Towards 500 WCU

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Ilham Haqiqie, Head of 2019 UNAIR Faculty of Law Student Executive Board.
Ilham Haqiqie, Head of 2019 UNAIR Faculty of Law Student Executive Board. (Illustration: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The Power Cabinet (Kabinet Daya) is ready to work together in carrying out its duties. Ilham Haqiqie or Ilham, is the Head of Universitas Airlangga  (UNAIR) Faculty of Law (FH) Student Executive Board (BEM) for the 2019/2020 Period. Starting from the end of December 2018, the student born on July 25, 1998 was entrusted to lead BEM FH UNAIR in the next year.

As the Head of BEM, Ilham hopes that FH community can blend and work together with BEM. The Power Cabinet is expected to embrace all.

“We must believe, have faith, responsibility, and integrity. Not only as the head, but also to go directly to other friends listen to the complaints of FH UNAIR students, “Ilham said.

The Power Cabinet has a vision to be powerful and useful. Ilham believes that its name will bring new innovations to improve the performance of BEM. Of course it is supported by missions that integrates harmony and creates power, and the power that bring usefulness.

Ilham continued, there will be a new breakthrough in the management of BEM this year, a collaboration program with Semi-Autonomous Body (BSO) FH UNAIR. There will also be more massive dissemination to introduce BEM programs to FH UNAIR students.

“The new innovation that we have implemented in the management of BEM is not only accommodating students but also accommodating BSO in FH UNAIR,” he explained.

Ilham also presented several work programs such as Achievement Student Programs (Mawapres), FH Ambassadors, International Exchange, and PKM.

“Hopefully, with the program (outstanding students, ed), students will be given guidance first. For PKM program (Student Creativity Program), there will be education for new students in terms of PKM, PKKMB requirements at the university level,” explained Ilham.

In order to synergize BEM FH activities with UNAIR programs towards Top 500 World Class University (WCU). BEM FH has an International Exchange program. The program will invite external parties in organizing exchange with UNAIR in the framework of cultural exchange and activities of the conference. The programs are expected to produce output in line with university programs.

“Students are expected to participate actively in the activities of BEM FH UNAIR,” he added. (*)


Author: Alicia Juanita

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia


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