BEM FEB UNAIR Invites Students to Monitor Upcoming Election

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SPEAKER, Ir. Rudy Hartono conveyed his ideas in Intellectual Talk (Photo: Ransis Putra Gaut)

UNAIR NEWS – A month away of upcoming election, Department of Strategic Studies, Student Executive Body (BEM) Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held an Intellectual Talk event on Tuesday, March 26 2019 at Tirto Hall, 2nd floor of campus B FEB UNAIR. There were Nur Elya Anggraini, S. Sos, M.Si (Member of East Java Bawaslu), Ir. Rudy Hartono, (Senior Editor of Harian Surabaya) and Rumayya SE., M.Reg.Dev (Lecturer of FEB UNAIR).

Nur Elya emphasized the importance of students participating in upcoming election on April 17. She appealed students to register themselves as the final voter list (DPT). It was intended for students to participate in upcoming democracy party.

“Choosing the right leader is very important to determine the fate of Indonesia in future.” he added.

Meanwhile, Ir Rudy Hartono encouraged students to check every information that they received. They must be observant with a variety of information widespread on internet, a lot of hoax and false news everywhere.

“As we know, there will be a lot of hoax on internet. Students should filter every news and don get twisted with every information that you have heard.” he said.

Whereas Rumayya hopes for a creative movement initiated by students in monitoring Indonesia’s democratic system. Students must be sensitive to the life of nation.

“Sensitivity to the nation is not all about participating in demonstration. It can be realized in other forms such as participating in the upcoming election.” he added.

According to him, student movements are pro-active towards national problem. Therefore, upcoming election should also be a moment for students to show their pro-active attitude towards the nation. (*)


Author: Ransis Putra Gaut

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia


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