UKTK Represents UNAIR at Surabaya Vaganza Parade

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UKTK UNAIR takes part in 2019 Surabaya Vaganza, Cultural and Flower Parade in welcoming 726th Surabaya Anniversary.
UKTK UNAIR takes part in 2019 Surabaya Vaganza, Cultural and Flower Parade in welcoming 726th Surabaya Anniversary. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Welcoming 726th Anniversary of Surabaya City, Surabaya City Government held 2019 Surabaya Vaganza Cultural and Flower Parade on Sunday, March 24, 2019. In this activity, Student Activity Unit (UKM) of Karawitan Dance Unit (UKTK) Universitas Airlangga took part in the event by performing a dance depicting King Airlangga.

Rafif Asyraf, Head of 2019 UKTK UNAIR, said that there were three dances depicting Prabu Airlangga. The dances are Titi Airlangga, Garuda Mukti, and Tirta Amerta dances. In the dance, added the 2017 Law student, UKTK wants people to know how the real King Airlangga is with Tirta Amerta and its Garuda Mukti.

“So, we deliberately used stories about Prabu Airlangga to illustrate UNAIR with Prabu Airlangga’s logo and his ride holding Tirta Amerta,” he added.

Rafif said, UKTK members were divided into two groups, the dance team and the karawitan team. The dance team performed colossal dances consists of 20 people and musicians 15 people.

It only took two weeks for UKTK UNAIR to prepare, from exploring moves, making offerings, creating dance, and making the music.

In this annual event, UKTK UNAIR has participated several times. However, in the past two years, UKTK UNAIR did not participate because of various considerations.

In addition to participating in cultural parades, UKTK UNAIR also introduced UNAIR as a campus that is concerned with culture. UNAIR, which is one of the best campuses in Indonesia, is not only good in academics, but also in looking after the culture.

“The current younger generation does not care about culture, with this work we expect the community views UNAIR as a university that concerns with the culture,” he continued.

UNAIR UKTK Team after performing in 2019 Surabaya Vaganza Cultural and Flower Parade in welcoming 726th Surabaya Anniversary. (Photo: By courtesy)

Rafif also said that UKTK UNAIR had coordinated with Surabaya Tourism Office several times.  UNAIR Rector also gave permission for UKTK UNAIR and provided various kinds of support.

“We are proud to be able to represent UNAIR. Therefore, we don’t perform carelessly because we are watched by residents of Surabaya and surrounding areas, “he added.

With a dance created by UKTK UNAIR, Rafif hoped that later UKTK members would be more productive in creating works. Not only that, the mentality of the members is also more stable to perform at various events.

“We may follow the times, but we must not forget our identity, especially culture. Because, culture is the identity and origin of the nation, “he concluded. (*)


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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