With Hundreds of World Universities, UNAIR Participates in Education Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur

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BOOTH of Universitas Airlangga at APAIE education exhibition at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia on March 26.
BOOTH of Universitas Airlangga at APAIE education exhibition at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia on March 26. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga is participating in 14th Asia-Pacific Association for International Education Conference and Exhibition. A conference and exhibition event that brings together academics from various regions of the world, especially Asia-Pacific region. It was held on Tuesday-Thursday, March 26-28, 2019 at Sharia KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In the largest educational exhibition in Asia-Pacific, UNAIR opened a booth with hundreds of universities in the world, from Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hungary, Poland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, France, Germany, India, Turkey and the Netherlands.

STAF Airlangga Global Engagement Margaretha Rehulina (dua dari kiri) bersama faculty ambassador FST Nurina melakukan strategic meeting dengan delegasi asing. (Foto: Istimewa)
Airlangga Global Engagement official, Margaretha Rehulina (second from the left) with FST faculty ambassador Nurina conducted a strategic meeting with Marseille Universite delegation. (Photo: By courtesy)

In the booth, UNAIR exhibited products in the form of books, brochures, and pamphlets related to all information about UNAIR and study at UNAIR. To provide information to all visitors, several leaders and faculty ambassadors also participated in the exhibition.

Delegates from Faculty of Dental Medicine (FKG), Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), Faculty of Nursing (FKp), and Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) with Airlangga Global Engagement were present to support the exhibition.

Executive Director of AGE Prof. Nyoman stated that as part of global higher education, participation in APAIE is expected to strengthen partnerships between UNAIR and other higher education institutions throughout the world. “This event is important to attend because it strengthens global partnerships. It is very important because it can strengthen academic and graduate resources, research, and community service, “said Prof. Nyoman.

DELEGATION of Universitas Airlangga at APAIE event, the largest educational exhibition in Asia-Pacific held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia, on March 26-28, 2019. (Photo: By courtesy)

In the exhibition, Study In Indonesia booth is filled by several booths such as from University of Indonesia (UI), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS), Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB), and University of Hasanuddin (Unhas).

Meanwhile, besides APAIE, at Asia-Pacific level UNAIR also participated in similar events such as QS-APPLE, Maple QS, NAFSA, and EAIE (European Association for International Education). (*)


Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

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