Robby Apriliano, Vocational Student Who Becomes East Java Gemarikan Ambassador 2019

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ROBBY Apriliano Salmon Sabami won the Grand Prize for the men's Grand Final for 2019 East Java Gemarikan Ambassador election
ROBBY Apriliano Salmon Sabami won the Grand Prize for the men's Grand Final for 2019 East Java Gemarikan Ambassador election at 3rd floor ballroom, Harris Hotel Gubeng on Thursday, March 21, 2019. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Robby Apriliano Salmon Sabami or Robby, D3 Taxation Faculty of Vocational Studies (FV) Student of Universitas Airlangga managed to make a brilliant achievement. In 2019 East Java Gamarikan Ambassadors’ Election. Robby won the men’s first place at the Grand Final event for the election of 2019 East Java Gemarikan Ambassador at the 3rd floor ballroom at Harris Hotel Gubeng, on Thursday March 21, 2019.

Robby represented the City of Surabaya in the event organized by East Java Province’s Marine and Fisheries Agency. The student who has a hobby of playing badminton was paired with the women’s winner, Khansa Nabilah Noorshy who is also UNAIR student.

ROBBY Apriliano Salmon Sabami (paling kanan) berfoto dengan keluarga seusai berhasil meraih juara I putra Grand Final pemilihan Duta Gemarikan Jawa Timur 2019 di ballroom lantai 3 Hotel Harris Gubeng, pada Kamis (21/3/2019). (Foto: Istimewa)
ROBBY Apriliano Salmon Sabami (right) with his family after successfully winning the grand prize for the men’s Grand Final of 2019 East Java Gemarikan ambassador election at the 3rd floor ballroom of Harris Hotel Gubeng, on Thursday March 21, 2019. (Photo: By courtesy)

Robby’s motivation to participate in the event was started with his concern seeing the number of fishermen in Surabaya who switched jobs. The reason is that consumption of fish is not stable. It makes Robby want to learn and take a role in trying to improve fish consumption in the community.

“Fish consumption in Surabaya is quite volatile and many fishermen are changing professions. It inspired me to join 2019 East Java Gemarikan Ambassador to get more knowledge, “he said.

After being elected as 2019 East Java Gemarikan Ambassador, Robby and his partner will do their tasks for two years, to be an face of Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to promote the importance of eating fish to the community.

In addition, Robby wants to convey the importance of using recycled goods. One of the goals is reducing waste which will eventually end up in the sea.

“I have a mission to make people aware. That eating fish will make life healthier. And, make people love the environment. How, by using a tumblr drink bottle (which can be used repeatedly, ed) to reduce waste so that our sea is preserved well, “he said.

Before joining the competition, Robby did various preparations, from physical, mental, and material. After qualifying as a participant, Robby had to take several steps before finally being crowned as the first winner.

Aside from being UNAIR student and 2019 East Java Gemarikan Ambassadors, Robby is active in a number of organizations. He was chairman of GKI Youth Pregolan Bunder Pos Benowo Church Association and joined Surabaya Cak and Ning Association. (*)


Author: Firman Wijaya

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i


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