Psychology Student Wins East Java 2019 Gemarikan Ambassador Election

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KHANSA Nabilah Noorshy (right) received a trophy
KHANSA Nabilah Noorshy (right) received a trophy and a prize for her victory. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Being a final year student is not an obstacle for Khansa Nabilah Noorshy or Khansa to make non-academic achievement. The eighth semester student of Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Psychology (FPsi) has succeeded in winning 1st place in Women’s Competition of Gemarikan (Eating Fish Movement) Ambassador of East Java Province.

The event was organized by East Java Province’s of Maritime and Fisheries Agency and Khansa represented the City of Surabaya. The student who is keen on playing the piano was also paired with first winner from Men’s group who was also a representative of Surabaya. The election was held on Thursday, March 21, on 3rd floor ballroom of Harris Hotel, Surabaya.

Khansa was motivated to participate in the ambassador election because of her daily life. She had rarely eaten fish initially, then she realized that eating fish brings many health benefits.

“It was started from my friend anyway. During lunch I often got confused what to eat. And, finally, I ate chicken. Then there was my friend who always orders fish every lunch. It made me curious. As it turns out, eating fish gives lots of benefits, ” she said.

The student born in Surabaya, March 27, 1997, managed to stand out from more than one hundred participants through several stages of preliminary. The first stage was papers selection, then proceed to the semifinal stage.

In semifinal, there are several tests, such as written tests, Focus Group Discussion(FGD), and Interview tests. Then, ten pairs of finalists were selected,  and they competed at the the Grand Final.

After being elected as Gamarikan Ambassador 2019 of East Java, Khansa has a mission to change the community’s mindset about fish consumption through mental education. The people of East Java will understand the importance of eating fish from it.

“Indonesia is 70 percent covered by seas. Therefore it has great potential of fisheries. But, many people don’t want to consume fish. This is a crucial problem. Because, no matter how good is fish if the people’s mindset about fish consumption is still negative, it will still be, ” she added.

Before winning the competition, Khansa was already known as an outstanding student. She was the third winner of Universitas Airlangga ‘s 2016 Outstanding Student (Mawapres).

The student who is expecting her thesis exam schedule had taken part in international activities several times such as Student Exchange at Universitas Utara Malaysia (UUM) for one semester and Summer Program at Asia University in Taiwan.


Author: Firman Wijaya

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i


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