BEM FISIP Holds Discussion and Establishes ‘Women Friendly Campus’ Community

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The discussion on " Women Friendly Campus" held at the back of FISIP UNAIR
The discussion on " Women Friendly Campus" held at the back of FISIP UNAIR, on Thursday, March 21, 2019. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – There is still a stereotype against women in societyThe injustice has brought an impact on the rampant marginalization of women. Therefore, women’s problems must be considered a responsibility of all.

Cases of discrimination against women often happen, especially in campus environment, Universitas Airlangga  Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (BIS) Student Executive Board (BEM) held a discussion on Thursday, March 21, 2019. The discussion was attended by UNAIR Anthropology lecturers, Dr. Pinky Saptandari EP Dra., MA., and focused on women-friendly campus.

Pinky explained that fostering awareness of the entire academic community on gender issues is very important because women’s problems must be addressed together regardless of any gender, male or female.

The establishment of Women Friendly  Campus Community (KRP) initiated by BEM FISIP UNAIR was motivated by the condition of campus which is not in favor of the needs and interests of women. In addition, this community was initiated with orientation that the world of education must be sensitive and responsive.

“The campus environment is getting less safe and friendly place for women,” said the KRP community supervisor.

Some cases are not seriously handled and often only led to peace without justice. The lack of understanding on gender, causing even more severe bias.

“Subordination to certain gender seems to narrow the learning and activity space for women,” she said.

KRP community is expected to be a synthesis to answer gender-based phenomena in campus environment through awareness that students must be able to see all gender issues with open mind.

Dr. Pinky (fourth in lower left) with Women Friendly Campus Community (KRP) initiated by BEM FISIP UNAIR. (Photo: By courtesy)

Moreover, KRP seeks to present discussion that are able to produce new discourses in order to create campus that is friendly to women. This is a form of preventive measure to prevent gender discrimination, and become a place for students to play an active role in advocating gender issues.

” KRP community is expected to be an example, as a real effort in caring and alleviating gender issues in faculties and university,” she explained. (*)

Author: Wildan Ibrahimsyah

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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