Tips for Model United Nation by Fadhel in British University Vietnam

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FADHEL Maulana while attending Model United Nations at British University Vietnam on February 2019. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Joining an international scale event is a dream for students. Especially, Model United Nation (MUN). The event is a simulation education or academic activity, where students can learn about diplomacy, international relation, and United Nation.

It is not easy for student to participate in this prestigious event. Fadhel Maulana, Biomedical Engineering student batch 2017 and Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) ambassador 2018 shared his tips to be accepted in MUN. Here are some tips from Fadhel to join MUN. Check it out!

  1. Use Technology with Purpose

In this millennial era, technology is advancing rapidly. Every year, technology development growing fastly. As millennial students, you should use technology with purpose.

Students who want contributes in MUN should use technology for searching international articles or news. Knowing the latest international news can make it easier for student to choose the topic.

  1. Expand Writing Skills

As a student, of course you are familiar with writing or paper. Both scientific and non-scientific writing. Learning scientific writing is highly recommended when you want to join MUN because you will be asked to make a position paper.

The position paper is a document that contains how we (the author) position themselves on an issue and how the country views it. With that, making a position paper must be relevant to the existing data and the latest data.

  1. Select Relevant Topics.

In MUN selection, participants need to fill the online form. In the form, there are several topic you could choose. The topic should have a relation with what you have been learned.

The choice of topic are generally related to the student major in university. Delegation needs to choose their topics with their particular subject. Whether in making a position paper or becoming a delegate.

  1. Do something!

When student get accepted in MUN, the participant will go abroad following a series of activities. Being delegates means you should not be lazy because there will be many processes in the event.

These processes, among others, taking care of permits, visas, and making motivation letters. Taking care of permits and visa is very difficult, both in the process and the length of time to manage it. Therefore, students who want to join MUNshould not be lazy.

Now you know all of the requirements to join MUN right? Keep the spirit!!


Author: Asthesia Dhea C.

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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