Inaugurates 126 New Vets, Dean: Indonesia Needs More Vets

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UNAIR Vice Rector III Prof., Ir. Moch Amin Alamsjah M.Si., Ph.D. delivers his speech at UNAIR vet inauguration
UNAIR Vice Rector III Prof., Ir. Moch Amin Alamsjah M.Si., Ph.D. delivers his speech at the vet inauguration on Thursday, March 21, 2019, at Airlangga Convention Center. (Photo: Rini Ramadhanty)

UNAIR NEWS – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) inaugurated 126 new vets on Thursday, March 21, 2019 at Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) UNAIR. The 162nd inauguration ceremony and oath taking was also attended by Vice Rector III, Prof., Ir. Moch Amin Alamsjah M.Si., Ph.D.

Since 1975, there have been 4,000 people inaugurated as veterinarians. At this inauguration, the best veterinary graduates were drh. Shendy Canadya Kurniawan, drh. Kiki Amalia Rama, drh., and Erika Septiana Zahro with a 3.72 GPA.

Dean of FKH UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Drh. Pudji congratulated the veterinarians newly inaugurated. He hoped that in the future, new veterinarians can update their knowledge. With the existing wild animal problems in the community, the dean hoped that more veterinarians will have concern to animal welfare.

Prof. Pudji also spoke about the tough challenge for new veterinarians. Based on Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Decree two years ago, veterinary field is now entered the health science family. Thus, accreditation must be carried out by Indonesian Accreditation Agency for Higher Education in Health (LAM-PTKES). Therefore, if you get a professional degree in Veterinary, it means you also passed the competence exam.

“The prospect of veterinary medicine is bright. Especially when it was stated in the inauguration that 40 thousand vets are needed. While at the moment, there are only 10,000 vets registered in Indonesia. FKH UNAIR has only graduated 4000 vets since 1975, including me, so I never think that I will be unemployed,” he said.

Meanwhile, the chief of veterinarian inauguration Boedi Setiawan, drh., M.P, said that the the veterinary field is getting more competitive. People are starting to know veterinarians, especially in conservation. In urban areas There are also more services for veterinarians, such as for dogs and cats.

“Now the most important thing is to be a useful veterinarian for the surrounding area. Be honest, disciplined and professional, “said Boedi. (*)

Author: Rini Ramadhanty

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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