Determined to Learn Abroad

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Reno Albra, Outstanding Graduates in Faculty of Economics and Business. (Illustration: Feri Fenoria Rifai)

UNAIR NEWS – “The peak of my achievement during my time in college when I got scholarship from United States government to study at Brown University for 40 days.” said Reno Albra, an outstanding graduate in Faculty of Economics and Business in the period March 2019.

Brown University is one of the prestigious campuses in United States and member of the Ivy League along with Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Cornell University, and Princeton University.

Reno said that he had tried to register at Young South East Asia Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) since 2014 and always failed. However, persistence is the key, said Reno. He managed to keep his determination until he finally managed to realize his dream of going to US through this activity.

“Because, there were only 4 people who get accepted from thousands of Indonesian youth for this program.” said Reno, who is also Vice of 1 Cak in Surabaya.

In addition, Reno also a delegate in various international activities, such as: G200 World Youth Forum Germany (2016), Paris International Model United Nations France (2016), Lyon International Model United Nations France (2016), and International Conference Paper Presenter in ASTEM China (2017).

Reno admitted that being a student was not easy because he only lived alone with his mother after his father died in 2008. The difficult times were increasingly felt at the beginning his college life. To pay for his college, Reno had to sell fried foods, become a motorbike washer, being a tutor, sell red rice, chocolate, and help research lecturers.

“On 2017, I received a scholarship from Bank Indonesia and a scholarship in Netherlands on 2016. I felt that God had provided fortune to pay my college tuitution,” said Co-Founder of Circle of Synergy, an academic community of achievements that promotes UNAIR’s achievements.

Furthermore, the initiator of IJAD FARM (Integrated Agriculture) Start-Up would like to continue his career in Jakarta in the field of investment bank. (*)

Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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