Head of BEM FKH: Not Only Hard Skills, Professional World Also Need Soft Skills

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HANIF Azzam, Head of BEM FKH UNAIR in 2019.

UNAIR NEWS – During our time in college, people still think that organization are not important, wasting of time, and interfering college affairs. This perspective is inversely proportional to what was conveyed by Ahmad Hanif Azzam, Head of Student Executive Board Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (BEM FKH) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR).

The student who is familiarly called Hanif said that organization is needed in professional world. He actually agreed that the organization was very important. According to him, it will bring interaction with people. Furthermore, Hanif claimed that professional world tend to seek soft skills.

“Its not only about learning hardskill, we also needs soft skills because in work is more about how we interact with others, how we socialize and be accepted by others. Especially, as a veterinarian we will not work alone, surely we will with people, “he added.

Starting from high school, Hanif had become a staff member of Spiritual Islamic extracurricular (Rohis) and Vice of Student Council of SMAN 3 Unggulan Tenggarong, East Kalimantan. After entering college, he admitted that he want to join BEM FKH UNAIR.

His interest began in freshman year then he received a quarterly staff award, the best Head of BEM FKH and obtained a leadership scholarship.

BEM was the only organization he was involved in during the lecture. For Hanif, BEM has the highest responsibility, contribute, and give influence to the community.

It is undeniable, he felt overwhelmed after joining the organization. After he was entrusted to become Head of FKH UNAIR BEM, he only got few hour to sleep. In addition, the tips for managing time is sincerity.

Furthermore, Hanif also managed his time between organizations and lectures by utilized time in class such as reviewing and studying in early morning.

Hanif with BEM FKH UNAIR administrators said that they want to realize Tri Dharma of Higher Education. One of them was community service.

“The community service program in FKH will be deepened again. Not only come and give donations, but we will also teach people who need education, “he said. (*)

Author: Rini Ramadhanty

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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