Kabinet Karya by BEM FKM Ready to Realize the Motto of Excellent with Morality

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MUHAMMAD Baharuddin Wisudawan Putra, Head of BEM of Faculty of Public Health (FKM) Universitas Airlangga 2019/2020 period.

UNAIR NEWS – “Kabinet Karya, made a collaboration to provide work for FKM UNAIR and Indonesia. In essence, our efforts were not only for ourselves, but we hope that FKM can provide joint works that go hand in hand, so we get closer to the community.” That was a brief explanation by Muhammad Baharuddin Wisudawan Putra as Head of BEM Faculty of Public Health (FKM) UniversitAS Airlangga 2019/2020.

Kabinat Karya has a vision and mission by putting the value of tri dharma of higher education. In addition, this year’s leading work program of BEM FKM UNAIR will be focusing on two fields: forming of cadres and Project of Public Health (PoPH).

For forming of cadres, Bahar wanted to realize effective and efficient cadres values. Therefore, Bahar and his staff have developed several new systems and work programs such as Excellence with Morality Project (EXIM) and Big Data Center for all FKM UNAIR students.

“Through Excellent with Morality (EXIM) Project and Big Data Center program that will help students not only in academics but also in non-academic fields.” he said.

EXIM project is a place for forming of cadrees, so students can contribute, understand themselves, and build their character. There were five basic values ​​that will be brought in accordance with the vision of UNAIR and FKM: spiritual morals, FKM, professionalism, science, and self-actualization. For Big Data Center, it will contain a track record of all FKM students starting from pre-campus to post-campus.

For PoPH, there were three sequences: Public Health National Competiton (PHNC), National Health Day (HKN), and Dean of the Cup (joint anniversary).

“His intention at the peak of celebration will be launching this year work program. Not only LKTI, but also works in the field of community empowerment and entrepreneurship. In addition, students will be appreciated by giving awards to students who have contributed achievements in FKM UNAIR, “he said.

In the peak of FKM UNAIR anniversary, there will be alumni gathering, discussion on public health issues, nutrition and life on campus and post-campus.

“At HKN, the seminar will be related with community service that was done before. In addition, community service during HKN will be carried out in collaboration between FKM UNAIR Surabaya and FKM UNAIR PSDKU Banyuwangi, “he added.

In community service, Bahar will bring three main values: contributive, interactive, and cheerful.

In the end of the interview, Bahar advised that even though we have a mission in our lives, We have to be in the right path. Keep learning and hustling because God will give you a way. (*)


Author: Ulfah Mu’amarotul Hikmah

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’I

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