D3 Taxation Students Hold Taxation Services to Welcome World Earth Day

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STUDENTS plant tree seedlings in Taxation Service activities.
STUDENTS plant tree seedlings in Taxation Service activities. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – In welcoming World Earth Day on April 22, D3 Taxation Student Association (HIMA) of Universitas Airlangga held a community service event, Taxation Service: “Small Steps for The Great Future”. It was a form of concern for D3 Taxation students towards the Earth and society.

The activity was held in Pakal City Forest, Pakal Village, Pakal District, Surabaya City on Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 6:30 a.m.

The activity was attended by UNAIR HIMA D3 Taxation members and Pakal Village community. There were some activities held, such as aerobics, karaoke, tree-planting, and stocking fish seeds.

Aerobic exercise started the activities. After aerobic exercise, M. Rigel Ervinosa as Head of HIMA (KAHIMA) D3 Taxation UNAIR gave a speech to the residents. In his speech, he explained the background of the activity.

“So, the Taxation service program is a form of HIMA D3 Taxation UNAIR to bring benefits to the earth and for the community,” said Vino.

The activity was followed by a karaoke performance from residents of Pakal Village with the committee. Residents showed high enthusiasm by enlivening the stage. The residents were given a place to sell food, drinks, and clothing.

Next, the activity was continued by planting tree seeds. The planting was carried out in the middle of Surabaya City Forest Area. Tree seedlings planted include Asam tree seeds, Cerme, and Salam trees.

In addition, the committee also released fish seeds into the lake which was used as fish ponds in Pakal Forest area. The fish seeds released are tilapia seeds.

The committee also provided a Tax Volunteer post. The post was provided by UNAIR D3 Taxation students so people understand about UNAIR Taxation Program and tax issues, especially on its importance.

After the activity was closed, we had the opportunity to interview Head of Taxation Services, Aziz Zarif Azhari.  UNAIR Taxation Student hoped that local residents will be more sensitive to tax matters.

“Because of the large number of housing estates, trees are ignored. Therefore, we plant together so students will be active more for the environment, ” he said. (*)


Author: Ardimawan Fikri Wibianto

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i


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