Western Australian Government Facilitates UNAIR Lecturers to Get PhD

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Assoc. Prof. Simon Leunig speaks in the Western Australia and East Java Universities Consortium (WAEJUC)
Assoc. Prof. Simon Leunig speaks in the Western Australia and East Java Universities Consortium (WAEJUC) at Kahuripan Hall 301 UNAIR 3rd floor Management Office. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) hosted the Western Australia and East Java Universities Consortium (WAEJUC) Research Training held on Monday, March 18, 2019. This event was opened by UNAIR Vice Rector II Dr. Muhammad Madyan, S.E., M.Si., M.Fin., in Kahuripan Hall 301 UNAIR 3rd floor Management Office.

In his speech Dr. Madyan said that UNAIR focuses on improving human capital readiness and education for professors, doctoral staff and lectures in UNAIR. The other goal is to strengthen the academic field and research collaboration, and to expand networking and UNAIR publication.

“WAEJUC stands for Western Australia and East Java Universities Consortium. So this is a consortium between five universities in Western Australia and ten universities (PT) in East Java, “said Executive Director of Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) UNAIR Prof. Dr. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, Dra., M.Si., after the first panel session was conducted.

Prof. Nyoman added that WAEJUC was a collaboration between the Province of East Java and Government of Western Australia.

In the implementation of WAEJUC there were ten universities in East Java involved in the collaboration. The three collaboration activities include collaborative activities in academic field, research, and mobility of Indonesian students.

“For this third activity we appointed some co-chairs. UNAIR will co-chair in the field of research, ITS in the field of mobility, and Western Australia in the academic field,” said Prof. Nyoman explained the collaboration meeting in Kahuripan Hall 301.

WAEJUC, added Prof. Nyoman, was implemented because it is very important for HR development. For him, if there are quality human resources, especially in universities, automatically East Java Province will develop more rapidly. One of the efforts to develop HR is by holding a Research Training Program at universities which is supported by Western Australia.

“Research Training was attended by ten universities in East Java, and the Australian side as the facilitator,” said Prof. Nyoman. The ten universities will be represented by three lecturers who will become PhD candidates in Western Australia. Prof. Nyoman hoped that there will be scholarships for lecturers participating in the Research Training.

The Research Training can be attended by all representative lecturers from ten PTNs in East Java and they must meet the requirements. These requirements are English language skills with six IELTS score as minimum, a proposal that will be a research at Western Australia University, and a prospective professor there.

From these requirements, there are four qualified candidates from UNAIR to attend the training. It was because other universities only sent one to two candidates, so UNAIR can fill the seats.

“We hope that the lecturers taking part in this research training will get adequate training and tips to prepare for PhD at Western Australia University,” said Prof. Nyoman as Executive Director of AGE. (*)

Author: Dhea Meidiana

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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